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Voicethread looks like a brilliant tool that we could use in our classroom for creating conversations around our learning. I can see this being used for creating self and peer assessments of our work. Perhaps you have some other ideas about how we can use it?

Let's get started then.

Here's how to set up your voicethread account ...

1. Go to Follow the register link to here.

For "first name" use your user name for your wiki account.
For " last name" use school.
For "email" use same address for your wiki account.
For "password" use same one for your wiki account.

Make sure you remember your e-mail and password as these will be the prompts when you next sign in.

2. Now that you have signed in, have a go at commenting on my video below. Use the text option or the voice option for now. Not sure if the other options work in the "free" version of voicethread. Why not try them later and let me know how you get on?

Guidelines for commenting

• Say what you enjoyed about my video.
• Suggest how my video / performance etc, in your opinion, could be improved.

3. Now that you know how the comment functions work, the next step is to create your own voicethread. Click "create"


4. Click "upload" button and choose where you want to get your file from. Select your file.

Screen_shot_2010-03-27_at_1.13.06_PM.png Screen_shot_select_2010-03-27_at_3.10.21_PM.png

5. Once file is uploaded, give it a title.

Screen_shot_2010-03-27_at_3.18.59_PM.png Screen_shot_2010-03-27_at_3.19.19_PM.png

6. Click on publishing button to bring up options.


7. Check the first 2 boxes, this will allow people to view your voicethread on your page. Save your options.


8. Click on embed button and then the copy button. The code should be highlighted.



9. To embed onto your wikispace, use the widget (other HTML). Paste the code in. Hit save and your voicethread is ready to go!

10. Comment on your thread giving a description of your work. Invite others to view your work and add comments.