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Leopard cub with it's mother

Leopard cub
Leopard cub

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Here is my audio clip of my prior knowledge about rainforests.

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By Bethany
By Bethany

"Can i go for a walk in the forest mother?" I asked while grabbing my jacket knowing what she would say already.
"Sure Hun just stay safe and be back for dinner!" My mother replied from the other room.
"Thanks mother" I said after a moments hesitation."And i will." I said heading towards the front door. My mother had always been a little over protective ever since my father had died which is why i was surprised that this was all she said. I never knew my father though he so i never really felt sad when i thought of him but i felt sad for my mother because she loved him. When i stepped outside i saw my older brother Joe walking towards the road with his Chestnut horse Blaze.
"Hey Joe where are you going?" I asked. My brother turned his head his short blond hair moving slightly in the breeze,
"Huh, oh hi Chloe i'm just going out for a ride, wanna join Ash in the stable having a snack." Petal is my black stallion.
"No thanks, i just wanna go for a walk in the forest." I said.
"Okay see you at dinner then."
"Yeah see you then."
With that my brother continued on his way to the road and i headed towards the forest.
As i walked i looked around thinking how everything looked so unreal as if it was one of the pictures from my fairytale books. The house which usually looked rickety and rundown now looked like it was meant to be there with a rose garden and the deserted road nearby. I stared for a moment longer then continued on my way to the forest. Once i had gone a little distance into the forest i broke into a sprint and ran through the forest my brown hair waving around in the breeze. I could never get lost in here i could find my way back from anywhere in the forest with my eyes closed in the dead of night. Which is why i have never understood how i could have got lost on this beautiful summer day with the sunlight flooding in between the leaves on the tree's it was such a perfect day it seemed nothing could go wrong but so much could and so much did... When i was my heart was pounding against my chest and i was gasping for breath i slowed to a stop to catch my breath and knelt down catching my breath. When i stood up straight again i was not in the middle of the forest anymore i was in somewhere i had never seen before that seemed magical in a good and bad way like they were equally balanced which is what drew me towards the sparkling fountain in the middle of the cobblestoned courtyard. This i would find out later was the biggest mistake and the best decision i had ever made... As the Fountain was ancient in the faerie world which made it even more ancient in the human world. But although it was a balance of good and bad magic there was also a tale that most faeries thought was a science fiction tale about another world girl of about 13, who was the only half faerie, half human child in all of time. The story goes that this girl both destroyed and improved a the faerie land and made the faerie world more known to the humans and the human world more known by faeries what binded all faerie magic from just good and bad to both equally mixed in every faerie so that no evil would come to the faerie world again. This girl would save the queen when no immortal could. This is what I was destined to do, and this is my story...

When i walked up to the fountain it opened a hole in the ground that lead into utter darkness. I hesitated before entering but when i did as i walked down the steps something triggered the torches to flare up and give me some light so i could see my way. Eventually i came to another door at the end of the tunnel which had some more steps but this time angled upwards and i could see daylight flooding into the dark tunnel. So i walked up the steps. When i reached the top of the stairs i gasped. I had never seen anything so beautiful. What i saw was a wide meadow like area with what looked like old ruins of what could have been a church. There were tree's outlining the area so and some in the middle that were very shady. There were the most beautiful flowers in the meadow and many of them to. They looked like they were strong and healthy and i'm sure they were. I couldn't identify what type of flower they were because they were like nothing i had ever seen before. They were also the most amazing colour in between blue and green but not quite turquoise. There were also bright red flowers, yellow flowers, orange flowers, pink flowers and any other colour you could think of and they seemed to be changing colour every time you thought of a new colour. It was amazing like nothing you had ever seen before and what you could imagine being in a picture book about faeries! I felt a trickle of sweat run down my fore head and suddenly realised just how warm it was so i went to sit under the shadiest tree which was directly in the middle of the meadow. When i got to the tree i lay down on the soft bright green grass letting my brown curls spread across the grass. I took off my jacket and immediately felt cooler. I laid there for a while listening to the breeze and the birds singing. While watching some more birds play in the branches of the tree above. Thats when i realised how quite it really was. I couldn't hear any people near by or any sign of like nearby like i usually could in the forest i could usually hear the sound of a horse and carriage passing every now and then. Weird i thought. I laid there for a few more moments. Then i felt something tickling the palm of my hand. I thought it was some grass so i moved my hand. But even then i still felt the tickling on my hand. So i looked at my hand and saw 3 caterpillars. They were beautiful! Just like everything else in this meadow. But they were such stunning colours! They were all different colours. One a beautiful red that seemed to shine. Another a shocking green that was so bright that if it were any brighter it would hurt your eyes just to look at it, and the 3rd a beautiful almost royal purple. They moved about in her hand and then spelled out the word "hello". I gasped in amazement! "Welcome" they spelled out. When i finally found my voice i said,
"Thank you." Oh my, i thought i'm speaking to caterpillars now i must have gone round the bend. But for some reason it seemed normal to talk to caterpillars. They continued spelling out words and when i asked them what their names were they spelt out "Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire." They had such pretty names that suited them well to. They were all named after gems!

I spent most of the day in the meadow with the caterpillars. They became good friends and i was just awestruck with how they could move their delicate little bodies into letters to spell out words. I know it seems weird that you can become friends with caterpillars but really its better than being friends with people because its so much simpler, and sometimes you might talk to a friend and they might not listen but with the caterpillars they would always listen and even give advice. The caterpillars were so smart. Eventually it started to get dark and i realised i had to get home.
"I have to get home before dinner, i'm late already!" I told the caterpillars letting them crawl off my hand but they didn't.
"Why won't you go? Please move i have to go!" I said urgently to the caterpillars. But they still didn't move.
"Fine if you won't go can you just tell me which way to go?" The caterpillars moved themselves shaping a letter then spelling out a word and making a sentence; "You can not go home."
"Why!" I screamed!
The caterpillars shaped another sentence: "You have to help us first"
"But what about my family won't they notice me missing?!"
"That has been taken care of." The caterpillars wrote.
"What do you mean 'taken care of'?" I replied.
"Back in the mundane world where you live time has been paused so that no one will notice you missing and when you have returned it will continue."
"What do you mean? It is impossible to pause time! Also there is no other world than the human world so what do you mean "back in the mundane world"?
"There is a lot to explain please follow the directions we give so we can explain better." The caterpillars then formed themselves into a arrow pointing towards the forest.
"No i will not go any place with you until you explain what you mean!" I said stubbornly.
"Chloe you are in the faerie world, it is a world you have been raised thinking is not real but it is just as real as your world. In our world we were all brought up thinking your world is not real but it is and that means all the tales we have been told about a half human half faerie girl saving our queen is actually going to happen. Chloe this girl is you. You need to save our queen she is or will be in trouble! Chloe if you come with us we can take you to your father."
I gasped " You must have the wrong girl! I am not the hero you are looking for as much as i would like to be i am not! And i know where my father is! He is in a wooden coffin underground in the cemetery so stop messing with me! This is a dream when i wake up i will be back at home in my bed!" With that i put the caterpillars down gently then ran towards the forest.

I ran through the forest blinded by tears. Eventually i stopped and realised i had no idea where i was going. So i started to panic temporarily forgetting the caterpillars and what they had said. When i turned round and saw lights i headed towards them because it is a natural instinct when your lost to go towards lights hoping for food, warmth and shelter. A while after seeing the light and heading towards it i came to a clearing. I saw a house that looked just like the house from the story Hansel & Gretal. I hesitated before heading towards the house knowing the story. But i did eventually. I walked up the steps to the door and knocked quietly at 1st and then waited for a few moments. When nobody answered i knocked again but harder this time. I heard some muttering behind the door.
"Oh great someone knocking on the door are you going to answer it Wesley?" A gruff voice asked.
"I don't know who that could be we never get visitors out here so i suppose i had better" Said Wesley.
"Whatever it's your loss." Said the other man.
I waited while Wesley came to the door hearing his heavy footsteps as he walked. Finally he reached the door and unlocked it.
"What do you want?" He asked.
"Sorry sir, but i got lost in the forest and i saw your house with lights on and thought you could help me." I replied as politely as i could.
"I guess you had better come in." Said Wesley.
So i walked in to what was really a trap...

Wesley led me into the living room and sat me down on the couch opposite him.
He looked like he was about to start talking when all of a sudden i was sucked into the couch! I started falling and falling and i kept looking for something to grab to stop me from falling but there was nothing. I screamed and screamed until i was out of breath and couldn't scream no more. Finally i landed heavily on a hard cold stone floor.
"Owe!" I screamed in pain. It seemed that falling on your feet is not a good idea because i had sprained my ankle. I sat there for several more minutes nursing my ankle, when i finally thought to look where i was. I looked around although there wasn't much to see; There was a bench with some straw on it hanging on a old chain 2 stone walls and a door made of strong metal bars. There were no windows. I tried to stand but just fell back down again screaming in pain. I heard a chuckle from somewhere not to far away.
"Who's there?!" I asked. My only reply was another chuckle.
"Answer me!" I screamed! All i got was another chuckle. So i tried to get up again. This time i managed to stay standing but cringing against the pain. I limped over to the metal bars and grabbed them. I screamed in pain forgetting my foot and staring at my burning hands!
"What the heck is that?!" I screamed staring at the metal bars.
I heard a chuckle.
"Let me out of this place!" I screamed "I'm only a child! You can't lock me up i did nothing!" I shouted!
"Actually you did. Or at least you will, and we can lock you up since we just did." Pointed out a voice that sounded familiar.
"You child are going to save the queen. But have you really thought about it. To save the queen she needs to have something to be saved from. We are what she is going to be needed to be saved from, and we can not allow you to save her." Said the voice
"No not you to! I am dreaming i am sure of it!" I screamed
"No child you are not." Replied the voice.
"Why are you telling me these things?!"
"Because tomorrow you will die."
"What?! No!"
"Yes actually"
"No!" I said but i could barely hear myself. I stumbled backwards towards the straw bench and collapsed suddenly realizing how tired i was and i could barely keep my eyes open. I tried and tried to stay awake but every time i closed my eyes it felt wonderful. I will close my eyes just for a moment i thought. So i did...

I was woken by a familiar tickle on my hand. No it can't be i thought. No not after what i said to them. I hardly dared to look at my hand. My heart pounding i slowly looked at my hand and there they were. The caterpillars they were back even after all i had said to them.
They wriggled about in my hand spelling out "do as we say."
"Okay" I whispered.
"Wait until they take you out of the cell and then make a run for the corner and hide behind the cupboard and leave the rest up to us." they spelled out wriggling their little purple red and green bodies into letters.
"Okay i will." I whispered back.
"Now pretend to be asleep and close your fingers around your palm lightly please do not squash us." Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald spelt out.
I did as they said and laid back down closing my eyes i turned my back to the cell door and gently closed my fingers over my palm hiding Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. I didn't have to wait long for the cell door to open and for someone to roughly wake me up. As soon as i opened my eyes the man picked me up and dumped me on the ground.
"Get up!" Said the man.
As soon as i had gotten up the man pushed me roughly out of my cell and into the hall. I made a break for it but got caught by the shirt. The man had caught me. I tried to fight him but he restrained me i kicked and hit and did all i could without squashing Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Then when he put his arm on my shoulder holding me a distance away i bit him as hard as i could my teeth digging into his flesh. He yelped and let go of me so i ran for the cupboard and got behind it. I hear the man swear and then heard his heavy footsteps coming in my direction.
"Little girl if you come out now i will give you a quick and painless death." Said the man.
Suddenly i remembered where i had heard that voice before it was at the house the man talking to Wesley.
Now i was really scared what was going to happen.
"What do i do now?" I asked Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald moving my fingers so i could see them.
They moved their tiny little bodies into letters spelling out a sentence.
"Wait while we try and teleport you to the meadow." So i waited listening to the taunting sound of the mans voice. He walked slowly up to the cupboard and came to a stop in front of it then i heard it start to move. No i thought no he is going to catch me and kill me this is the end. Hurry up Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald i thought. Abruptly i appeared in the meadow. The caterpillars had saved me!
"Thank you! Thank you thank you!" I said gratefully to the caterpillars "Thank you for saving me!"
They did not acknowledge my thanks and just told me to go where they pointed so i did. They kept pointing the direction they wanted me to go until i came to a house that looked just like my dream house would of looked. I just stared until Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald told me to go in.
"Shouldn't i knock first?" I asked.
"No need." They spelt out.
"Okay" I said and turned the handle it was open so i just walked in.
I was directed into the living room which was so neat and tidy i realised just how dirty i was after spending a night in the cell. I felt rather uncomfortable. The caterpillars told me to sit down so i did. Almost immediately a man walked into the room. He had brown hair a close shade to mine skin a shade darker than mine and stunning bright green eyes.
"You must be Chloe" Said the man. "I am Malik." He said reaching his hand out.
"Uh yes" I said shaking his hand.
"Welcome Chloe i see you have found my good friends Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald."
"Uh, Yes they found me actually."
"Thats what i would expect. I sent them to find you anyway."
"Why?" I asked feeling nervous.
"Because you are the child that will save the queen and i am in charge of making sure you do that." Said Malik.
"Why are you in charge and not someone else."
"Because Chloe i am your father."
I stifled a gasp. It all fit in my mother would never talk about my father she said she prefered not to think about him. But once she had been tired and wanting to send me away to bed so she could sleep and when i asked she said
"His name was Mark" Or thats what i thought she had said i must of misheard "He was a lovely man Hun he was out one night working late and he never came back. His body was never found. Now off to bed with you." I had wondered what had happened to him.
"You left my mother." I said "You just disappeared one night and my mother never saw you again. You broke her heart!"
He sighed "Chloe i had to I can not stay in your world as much as i wanted to i could not i'm sorry."
I didn't reply.
"Would you like to clean up Chloe there's a Bath upstairs with some clean clothes that should fit you and a bedroom Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald will direct you." He said. Looking a little upset.
The caterpillars directed me to the bathroom then crawled out of the room while i got ready to take a bath. The bath was relaxing i spent a long time in their. I got out when the water went cold. I put on the clothes which were a perfect fit and left the bathroom. I went into the room where i was to stay and sat on the bed sheets which were my favourite colour believe it or not. The room was decorated just the way my dream room would be and the bed was so soft i fell sleep with wet hair...

I woke to a delicious smell. I realised just how hungry i was so i got up had my shower and got dressed. I had a feeling something big was going to happen today. I just wasn't sure what... I went downstairs following the delicious smell into the kitchen. There stood Malik cooking something delicious.
"Whats for breakfast?" I asked.
"Oh, good morning Chloe i see you are up and ready for the day." He said. "And i'm cooking pancakes. What would you like on them?"
"Uh.. Maple syrups good if you have any." I said my stomach rumbling.
"I'm sure we do." He said turning to the cupboard and searching through it. "Ah here we are." He said producing a bottle of my favourite maple syrup.
"I don't get it." I said without warning.
"Don't get what?" Said Malik turning back to the pancakes.
"How everything i have ever dreamed of is here like that room upstairs, pancakes for breakfast with my favourite maple syrup. And who knows what else." I said.
"Chloe this world is a world of dreams so everything you dream of comes true even if they change they will come true. But only here." He said. There was some uncomfortable silence after that. Malik broke it.
"The dining rooms through there on the right. The pancakes are nearly ready i'll bring them through."
"Yeah okay thanks" I said following his directions to the dining room. I sat down on one of the chairs. Waiting for my breakfast.
I didn't have to wait long. Malik brought in to plates full of pancakes, and we sat and ate them in silence.
"So correct me if i'm wrong but i believe the caterpillars told you about what you must do?" Said Malik.
"If you mean the thing about saving the queen then yeah" I said with a mouth full of pancakes.
"Yes, and it's a serious matter Chloe so you must take it seriously. Anyway the queen has been kidnapped. I believe you know where she is?" He said.
"Uh yeah but i am not looking forward to going back there..." I said shuddering at the thought of the prison.
"Well i'm afraid you will have to go back there Chloe. Sorry but there is nothing we can do about it if we want to keep peace in the country."
"Yeah, I know i'll save her just tell me what to do" I said getting up to put my plate in the kitchen.
"Okay." Said Malik. And he sat me down and told me the best plan and the backup plans for is those didn't work.
The weapons were simple. Just...

  • A knife
  • A sword
  • Poison
  • Magical Powder

I wasn't sure what the powder was for I listened when Malik explain it but still didn't understand it. Something about being a magical powder which only works when really needed, except he made it sound complicated. I still didn't understand exactly how it works but i figured i probably wouldn't have to use it. So i went on my way as it started to get dark with Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald in my pockets and my weapons, poison and powder on a belt around my waist all very secure. The caterpillars had directed me to that house again. I had to pretend not to remember anything that had happened last time i was there. I went up to the door and knocked. It opened almost immediately showing Wesley a little surprised to see me though he hid it well.
"Uh, Hello sir i got a little lost in the forest and i was hoping you could give me directions to the town." I said.
"Come on in child you shouldn't be standing out there in the cold come in and i'll give you something to eat and give you a place to sleep." Said Wesley faking kindness. "Hugo will be right up so don't be frightened of him when you see him." He then directed me to the living room and motioned me to sit on the same couch that had sucked me down into the chamber. I hesitated before sitting down. Of course i fell into the chamber again and this time i managed to land without hurting my self. Other than getting ground shock. Then i pretended my ankle was sprained ankle like i did last time.
"Ouch aw crap sprained my ankle, Crap." I said clutching my ankle and acing the best i could.
I heard a chuckle in reply. That confirmed that Hugo was down here.
"Who's there?" I said repeating what i had said last time i was here. "Are you going to let me out of here i did nothing i am inocent i swear!
The only reply was Hugo chuckling.
"Let me out please!" I screamed.
Hugo just chuckled.
"Fine be like that."
I pretended to limp over to the bench and go to sleep. I then waited for Hugo to fall asleep. Which didn't take long. I then tiptoed up to the metal bars and the caterpillars climbed in and unlocked it. I slipped through the door as quietly as i could making sure i didn't touch the bars. The caterpillars who were now in my hand directed me to the kitchen. Once there i tried to figure out which meal would be Hugo's. I walked around the small kitchen in dim light trying to see every pot. Finally i found one that looked like it would be tasty and seemed there was a large amount so i pulled the poison out from my belt. I poured some into the soup looking meal and all the other meals. I knew one of the meals might be mine but i wasn't going to eat their food for cautious reasons. I had some food in my pocket that i would eat when hungry. Once i was satisfied that everybody would have enough poison in their food i added just a little extra to Hugo's meal. This was not a killing poison unless you had a little too much and would only make you sleep for a while like the story of sleeping beauty. Suddenly i heard a sound. It sounded like a groan. Uh oh I thought Hugo's waking up. So i hurried through the doorway of the kitchen through the hall and back into my cell and the caterpillars locked it again then i took the caterpillars back in my hands and crept over to my sleeping bench. I lay there waiting and watching. I saw Hugo walk past and check on my cell and then walk into the sleeping chambers and shout at the cooks to make him his breakfast. Minutes passed i heard the sound of feet and heard the cooks warming up his soup and preparing their food. I waited for Hugo to receive his food and heard him gobble it up noisily. It didn't take long for the poison to set in. He suddenly dropped the bowl and fell to the ground i heard the cooks fall too. Right time to go i thought. I got up nibbled on some food and then set o the task of saving the queen. The caterpillars opened the door again and a thought occurred to me.
"Hey, can you guys sense your queen?" I asked the caterpillars.
They spelt out yes.
"Awesome so you can direct me to her?" I said.
Again the caterpillars spelt out yes.
"Okay, lets go." I said enthusiastically.
I followed Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald's directions. Until we arrived in front of a very solid looking door.
"So she's in there?" I ask.
"Yes" Spell out the caterpillars.
"Okay, here i go" I said and pushed the door. It didn't open. I tried again only harder. It still wouldn't open.
"Oh no what am i gonna do now?!" I groaned. Falling to the floor. " I bet the key is no where i can get it." Then the thought occurred to me what had Malik said? "Only use this powder when really needed it will only work then."
"Okay Malik i hope you are right." I muttered to myself pulling out the powder from my belt. I sprinkled some in the air and closed my eyes thinking no wishing for the key to open this door. I opened my eyes. Nothing had happened.
"It didn't work!" I said "No i have failed i'm so sorry."
The caterpillars moved their tiny bodies into a arrow pointing at the door.
"I can't help guys you know i can't the doors locked and i can't get in." I said.
The caterpillars moved again this time shaping a key in a key hole.
"What?" I said. Standing up and turning to the door. I looked down for the key hole thinking maybe i could pick the lock. But there was no need there was a key there. I gasped. That wasn't there before. I turned the key and i heard the door click open. The powder must of worked i thought a split second before the most hideous thing was on top of me. I recognised it from somewhere. I couldn't concentrate on where with its hideous breath making me want to puke. I tried to reach from my sword. But couldn't. I was stuck. I pushed with all my might and finally the thing was off me i had little time to grab my sword and did so immediately the thing started to run at me and i got my sword at the ready. The thing ran straight at me and into my sword. It started to bleed blue blood. The thing wasn't dead though somewhere in the back of my mind i knew the only thing that could kill it was silver and looked around for something silver. All i could find was a kitchen spoon. Not the best weapon but it would do. So i grabbed it and noticed the silver vase and grabbed that as well and hit the creature on the head with the spoon as hard as i could. While it was distracted by me hitting it on the head i broke the vase and picked up a sharp shard of it. The creature came running at me again as i backed away so this time just moments before the creature was on me i stabbed it in the place where i guessed its heart would be with the shard. It fell backwards and grunting in pain slowly faded away. I suddenly remembered where i had seen that creature before it was from one of my favourite books. About this half dragon half demon creature that could only be killed with silver. Seemed that it was another real thing. With the creature gone i looked around the room noticing this time a open door into another room. I walked in bracing myself for another creature...

But there were none. Only the most beautiful girl in the world chained to a bed. She had beautiful bright blond curls and stunning blue eyes. Her face was the most perfectly beautiful face ever. I figured she was the queen because the caterpillars were reaching towards her and the tiara on her head.
"Uh, hi i'm Chloe and you are the queen?" I asked.
"Yes i am." Said the Queen in a perfect sing song voice. "So are you just going to stand there gaping. Or are you going to unchain me and let me go?"
I felt really annoyed with this queen all of a sudden "No, no i'm not if your going to be so ignorant."
"I command you as your queen to unchain me right now!" Screamed the Queen face red with rage.
I laughed. "Okay look your majesty but you are not my queen. My queen is the queen of England back home. So no i am not going to unchain you. I risked my life for you you ungrateful girl. If it wasn't for me you would be dead now."
The queen did not seem happy at all. "You stupid child i should have you lock you up and tortured you until you scream for death!" Said the queen with a cruel laugh.
"Well your majesty whatever your name is you can't as you can see you are chained up to this bed, and i'm not going to let you go until you tell me how you got caught." I said crossing my fingers behind my back.
"Ugh fine" Said the queen defeated. "I went out for a walk in the palace garden and went against my parents warnings about going out of the castle without my body guard. I was bored so i went out side the palace and made my way into town when i got there there was a man who was selling beautiful jewelry and i wanted some so when he said that i could get the most beautiful jewelry that would go so perfectly with me and nobody else i of course went with him. He took me to his house and told me to sit on the couch while he got the jewelry. So i did then the next thing i knew i was in here. I have faint memories of what happened the man Hugo i think his name was was a shape-shifter or something and changed into a raven and pecked me until i was unconscious." She sighed "There i told you what happened now you have to unlock me."
"No." I said "I don't because i had my fingers crossed behind my back and your a selfish brat who need's to be taught a lesson. Oh and just so you know when you cross your fingers behind your back its a jinx you don't have to do anything you promised." I said.
"LET ME OUT OF THIS PRISON RIGHT NOW!" Screamed the queen.
"No i have a few questions still to ask you." I said.
"WHAT NOW?" Screamed the queen.
"Well first your too young to be a queen so your the princess aren't you?" I asked
"Yes." Said the princes narrowing her eye's at me in hatred.
"Good now whats your name?"
"Matilda." Answered the princess straight away.
"No it isn't i said but thats what people call you. What's your real name?"
"Tiarna." Said the princess defeated.
"Okay. Now you are a selfish ungrateful girl who needs to be taught a lesson, and luckily i can teach you one." I said bringing out the magic powder and sprinkling some in the air wishing for a screen type thing that would show Tiarna what i was thinking. Immediately a screen appeared. So i started to think about my life at home and how in he winter we would struggle for food and would starve. Then how we would go and search high and low for food after winter in spring to last us a while before summer came with some fresh food. I showed her how we always had fun no matter what we did and how we loved each other has a family. When i had finished the screen disappeared and i turned to Tiarna. She looked shocked and sorry.
"Well now you have seen what it is like to have a loving family and be poor but happy. Are you happy Tiarna?"
"No..." Said Tiarna i had broken her she seemed like she could no longer lie. She also seemed like a better person.
"Okay, Tiarna i will unchain you now but you are weak so don't try and stand." I said unchaining her. Immediately she tried to stand but ended up falling back onto the bed.
"What did i tell you?" I said.
"Not to stand..." Said Tiarna. I passed the girl some food from my pocket and she ate it gratefully. Then i helped her stand and had a look for injuries. She wasn't injured. But she was weak. So i slipped the caterpillars who were still in my hand back into my pocket and started to help Tiarna walk. Once i knew she was okay the caterpillars transported me and the princess back to my fathers house and i sat Tiarna down in the living room. Malik walked in and looked relieved when he saw me and Tiarna.
"I see you saved her" He said.
"Yes, and taught her a lesson or two while i was at it." I said.
"Someone needed to and i'm glad it was you." Said Malik. Then motioning for me to pass him the caterpillars i took them from my pocket and passed them to him. He then spoke to them softly and passed Ruby to Tiarna. Ruby then crawled into her hand and they both disappeared. A few seconds later Ruby was on my lap. So i picked her up and Malik passed me Sapphire and Emerald. I guessed that Ruby had taken Tiarna back home.
Suddenly Malik spoke "Chloe the time has come for you to make your choice. You either stay here land live with me or you go back home to your mother and brother. Think about your choice carefully." He said and walked out of the room looking grim...

I thought long and hard about my choice and by the time it was dawn i had decided. I went in search of Malik and found him crying in his bedroom.
"Malik i have made my decision but i would like to do something before i go." I said.
"What would that be?" Said Malik wiping the tears from his eyes.
"I would like to bind all good and bad magic together so you all have a equal amount of good and bad magic." I said.
"Okay" Said Malik. "That will be done and he muttered a few words then took my weapons and powder muttered a few more words and sprinkled something on the items. They disappeared.
"What just happened?" I asked.
"I binded all our magic for you." Said Malik. "Chloe whatever your choice is i want you to knot that i love you and you are the best daughter anyone could ever dream of having." He said. He looked so down that i hugged him.
"If i go home i'll see you again won't i?" I asked. "I'll be able to come back and visit sometime won't i?"
"No you won't Chloe." He said. "Thats my point once you have left the portal between both worlds will be closed."
"Oh." Was all i could say.
"Chloe you are half human because of your lovely mother and half faerie because of me so you can stay in either world without becoming seriously ill. I can't. Thats why i couldn't stay with you and your mother. Chloe you are my only child and i love you..." Said Malik with the tears coming to his eyes again.
"If i'm your only child then who is my brothers father?" I asked.
"A human man your mother met before me." Said Malik.
"Oh right..." I said. Thinking about how i might need a little chat with my mother when i got home...

I was now standing by the fountain that had opened the passage that had led me to the meadow. Malik was by my side holding Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. I had made my decision and i was going home.
"I'll miss you Chloe." Said Malik. "I'll miss not having you around although you have only been here a few short days." Malik said.
"I'll miss you too." I said my eyes misting up.
"I want you to keep Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald." Said Malik "They are my token for you to remember me by."
"I will never forget you or this place Malik believe me it would be very difficult to forget." I said gratefully as the tears started flowing.
"Goodbye Chloe." Said Malik passing me Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.
"Goodbye Father." I said. Hugging him one last time. Then i stepped forward and was back in the forest.
I felt the caterpillars wiggle softly in my hand.
I knew they could not stay i knew it was time to send them back. The caterpillars softly wiggled in my hand spelling out "goodbye". Then they were gone my only solid token that would prove my whole adventure was real was gone. I started to walk home my eyes blurred. Then three stunning butterfly's came floating past. They started to fly around my head. I realised who they were. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were back! They had gone home so they could change into butterfly's then come back to me just before the portal between the worlds had closed. I was so happy i couldn't stop smiling. Even better Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald hadn't come back empty handed. They had a little portable screen with them like the one i had used with Tiarna only smaller. I took it from them and it turned on showing Malik!
"Yes!" I shouted out into the forest. I looked down at the screen and saw Malik was laughing and i could hear him. Even better he could hear me and see me too! I ran the rest of the way home ecstatic!


external image tt6102258fltt.gif
We were given the task to read a book. Then we had to write down 10 questions and a 10 word glossary. We were also aloud to write a summary of the book and about the author. I read the book The Pack by Tom Pow. Here is my work...

This first picture shows the front of my bag and 3 of my 5 items: A boat, a truck and a Dog. It also shows my 10 questions and 10 word glossary.


The Same again in this picture. Just from a different angle.


This one shows the back of the bag with the about the author sheet in it. It shows all of my 5 items also. The compass and the Rag.

Here is a closer up view of the Compass and rag.


What the 5 items stand for:
1. The Boat: The boat stands for the boat that the Bridget and Shelter came on.
2. The Dog: The dog stands for all the dogs Hunger, Fearless and Shelter.
3. The Truck: Because at the start of the book a man was driving the truck into the invisible city.
4. The Rag: Because they used a rag to escape from Red Dog.
5. The Compass: Because they went north.
external image tt6102264fltt.gif

On one of our Thursdays in the ICT room we were given the task to make a tutorial on how to work out a maths problem.We were aloud to choose what sort of maths problem so i chose how to multiply by one. So here is my simple tutorial on how to multiply by 1! =]

external image tt6102259fltt.gif

On Thursday 5th August in ICT we were introduced to a new program. Here is my art work from this new program it is called Rush.


external image 1283667484_4825e6d1_1283667484.gif
For our digitalbooks we had to write 11 poems. The poems we had to write are:Conquern, Similie, Tanka, Rhetorical Question, Sense, I Don't Understand, Limerick, Alliteration,Diamonde, Free Verse. We got the choice of what pass we wanted for our poetry i chose the A+ pass out of a A pass, B pass and a C pass. For the A+ pass i had to get 3 web images to go with 3 of my poems, Illustrate 5 of the poems with my own drawings and use a image/text generator to illustrate 3 more poems using the website http//:www.imagechef.com. So here is my Digitalbook.

Here is my self reflection on my digital poetry book. We used blabberize.com to make our avatars talk. We made the avatar on weeworld.com. Enjoy.

external image tt5539645fltt.gif
My task was to create an avatar (were) that looked like me and related to me. Then i had to choose a body part to explain and i chose how the eye works.After i had researched it I drafted it in my draft book then published it on pages. I then recorded myself reading it in GarageBand. Lastly I used iMovie to create my podcast that included my avatar and my audio presentation. I learned how to embed and change the size of my podcast to our Wikispace. I also learnt how to embed videos on to my wikispace.So here is my podcast...

For my glog which is a digital poster we had to do some research for homework after deciding which weather zone we wanted to do. I chose the temperate zone. I gathered information about temperate zones and then chose a extreme weather that happens in that zone which was tornadoes. I had to gather 5 facts about tornadoes to put on my glog. Once all of this was complete i had to find a short video that was of that extreme weather and save the link to my wiki space so i could copy and paste the link on my glog so i could have my video on it. Then on school on thursday we started our glogs. I had to make mine look like a temperate zone and put my video and all its facts on the glog. Once the glog was finished we had to embed it on our wiki space and write a description afterwards we had to do a self assessment. My glog is below!

By Bethany
By Bethany

What we have to do!
We were given the task of writing a recount based on a personal experience. I chose to write one on my Haunted house experience! Our writing focus was on using descriptive language. We had to include a range of adjectives, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphor and personification. We were given 4 options on publishing our recounts. Those options were: creating a whiteboard photo, keynote, podcast or publishing straight onto our own wikispace. I chose to publish on my wiki space! So check out my awesome work!

The story
The cold wind whips around us as we push through the crowds. We're heading for 35 Stonegate,York,England.
I'm feeling extremely excited and a little nervous at the same time as you would if your heading for a haunted house like i am.We come to 35 Stonegate but the bottom half is a shop so we turn to our left where theres a alley way painted purple.It has a plastic skeleton out the front with a royal red coloured dress on it. Now i'm starting to get really really excited because going into a haunted house for me is a dream come true!
"Are you sure this isn't going to be scary?"ask's my mum for the hundredth time.
"yes i'm sure mum its just a old house that people believe is haunted it might not even be haunted so don't worry" I'm kind of an expert on ghosts because it is one of my few interests.We start to walk down the alley in single form. I'm at the front my Mum is behind me then its my sister Louise with my Gran. The passage now comes to an end and there is a small room in front of us with a few shelves with DVD's on it. It had dark walls and in the left corner it had a doorway covered by curtains. Then right in the middle there was a old lady sitting at a desk with a old fashioned cash register. We go up to her and pay 4 pounds each to get in.
"Is it scary in there and have you ever got scared while you've been working here?" My mum had to ask.
"No not really" the lady reply's. My mum just nods and just as we are about to walk in the lady says"when you step in there will be a recorded message that starts automatically when you enter." We walk through the curtains and just like the lady said as soon as we stepped inside the recording started... "This house has had lives flowing through it for a very long time. Infact this house has been occupied for nearly 2,000 years!" It carried on talking about the history of the house while i looked around the room which seemed to be in really good condition instead of falling apart like some houses did but then it was supposed to be taken care of well and i hadn't been expecting it to be crumbling.Then when the recording suddenly said; that on either side of the fireplace there were two glass cabinets with some of the things they found while they were making the house safe. Then it said go take a look and in the cabinets blue lights turned on so you could see all the broken old pots in one shelf and in the other old books some of them looked sort of brand new instead of old like they should look! While i was looking at what was inside the cabinets the recording continued and said "This house has had lives and people flowing through it for thousands of years and now you are one of them! I'd like to take you on a journey, back to the afternoons when the lit fire warms the cold afternoons in the sixteen hundreds. Imagine people coming in and out of the shop entrance hundreds a day. Theres a man hanging something outside the front of the shop in the door way what is he hanging? A wooden bible is what he is hanging. That bible still hangs there today take a look when you leave tonight.

external image 1283667702_071b1ee3_1283667702.gif

What we have to do!
For the Keynote presentation we had to choose a type of technology eg: transportation,music etc. I chose recorded music and made a brainstorm on insperation. Then i had to choose a certain type of recorded music and i chose the CD, then i had to come up with 6 or more questions for my slideshow the 1st 3 were done for us and i wanted to do 7 questions so i came up with 4 more. After i had my 7 questions i searched on the internet to find my answers. Once i'd found my answers i went on keynote and made a slideshow with my questions and answers on it and a educational video about the cd.

external image tt5539643fltt.gif
For our postcard task we went on google earth and chose our holiday destination and two tourist attractions.On google earth we found out what the weather was like in the pictures and put that as our weather on our post cards. I chose York, England and drafted what i was going to write in my draft book and then went on pages to publish my post card.So here it is...