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20 World cup teams

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Canada
4. England
5. Fiji
6. France
7. Georgia
8. Ireland
9. Italy
10. Japan
11. Namibia
12. New Zealand
13. Romania
14. Russia
15. Samoa
16. Scotland
17. South Africa
18. Tonga
19. USA
20. Wales

The country I adopt is Italy

The Team

1 Andrea Lo Cicero
2 Carlo Festuccia
3 Martin Castrogiovanni
4 Santiago Dellapè
5 Marco Bortolami (captain)
7 Mauro Bergamasco
8 Sergio Parisse
9 Paul Griffen
10 Ramiro Pez
11 Marko Stanojevic
12 Mirco Bergamasco
13 Gonzalo Canale
15 David Bortolussi
16 Leonardo Ghiraldini
17 Matias Aguero
18 Valerio Bernabò
19 Manoa Vosawai
20 Alessandro Troncon
21 Ezio Galon
22 Roland de Marigny.

My adopted country is: Italy
Capital city: Rome
Religion: Christianity,Roman Catholic
Famous for:Leaning tower of Pisa,Roman Empire, The Colloseum, great pasta,Pizza,wine ,Fine art

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The webb ellis cup was first awarded in 1987 to the New Zealand All Blacks and has now been won by other countries such as England 1 in 2003, Australia 2 in 1991 and 1999, South Africa 2 in 1995 and 2007.
The cup is a 1906 trophy made by Carrington and Co. of London, which was a Victorian design of a 1740 cup by Paul de Lemerie. John Kendall-Carpenter, former England Forward and the organiser of the first Rugby World Cup and Bob Weighill, the secretary of theinternational rugby board also a former England forward, visited Garrard's, the crown jeweler in Regent street, LondonDirector Richard Jarvis, brought the particular cup down from the vault and showed it to both of them.
The current holders are South Africa after beating England 15-6 in the 2007 Final in Paris. The trophy was until recently on display in Newlands, South Africa, where it had stayed for two years following the victory. Last year it was returned to the home of the IRB, Ireland. It is currently on tour around the New Zealand Provinces along with the Tri Nations, Bledisloe Cup, Hillary Shield, Womens World Cup and the Junior World Cup trophies . It will spend the rest of the year in New Zealand until the 2011 Rugby World Cup.


1.) 1987, New Zealand, David Kirk
2.) 1991, Australia, John Eales
3.) 1995 , South Afica, Francoius Pienaar
4.) 1999, Australia, Gearge Gregen
5.) 2003, England , Lewis Moody
6.) 2007, South Africa, Paul Roose

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Italian National Anthem

Fratelli d'Italia,

L'Italia s'è desta;

Dell'elmo di Scipio

S'è cinta la testa.

Dov'è la Vittoria?

Le porga la chioma;

Ché schiava di Roma

Iddio la creò.

Stringiamci a coorte!

Siam pronti alla morte;

Italia chiamò.

Noi siamo da secoli

Calpesti, derisi,

Perché non siam popolo,

Perché siam divisi.

Raccolgaci un'unica

Bandiera, una speme;

Di fonderci insieme

Già l'ora suonò.

Stringiamci a coorte!

Siam pronti alla morte;

Italia chiamò.

Uniamoci, amiamoci;

L'unione e l'amore

Rivelano ai popoli

Le vie del Signore.

Giuriamo far libero

Il suolo natio:

Uniti, per Dio,

Chi vincer ci può?

Stringiamci a coorte!

Siam pronti alla morte;

Italia chiamò.

Dall'Alpe a Sicilia,

Dovunque è Legnano;

Ogn'uom di Ferruccio

Ha il core e la mano;

I bimbi d'Italia

Si chiaman Balilla;

Il suon d'ogni squilla

I Vespri suonò.

Stringiamci a coorte!

Siam pronti alla morte;

Italia chiamò.

Son giunchi che piegano

Le spade vendute;

Già l'Aquila d'Austria

Le penne ha perdute.

Il sangue d'Italia

E il sangue Polacco

Bevé col Cosacco,

Ma il cor le bruciò.

Stringiamci a coorte!

Siam pronti alle morte;

Italia chiamò

Some famous or well known Italian songs

O Sole Mio by Luciano Pavarotti,

Claudio Baglioni by Questo piccolo grande amore or

Ivana Spagna by Che Mai Sarà

My thoughts on the Italian National Anthem

The Italian national anthem represents their country by saying that war has been a part of them in the past that it has torn them apart but they need to unite and be strong. They say they have been laughed at and stamped but they still need to be strong.

Interview Skills

1. Do you like New Zealand?
2. What has been your highlight visiting New Zealand besides RWC?
3. How do think New Zealand is the same as Italy?
4. How do you think Italy is the same as New Zealand?
5. Whats your favourite food?
6. Why is it your favourite food
7. Have you visited all the tourist atrctions in your home country?
8. Can you recomend some if I were to visit?
9. Have you visited some tourist atractions in New Zealand
10. Had you been to New Zealand before this?

Level 1
An open question is a question that could have many possible answers and a closed question is one that has a yes or no answer.
I can use them by using question that are complexe and each person I ask will have a different answer.

Level 2
I journilist needs to have a natural crave for answers or infomation They would also have to be good at writing and like to listen.
I can improve on these skills by practising at home and at school

Level 3
It is important because if we didnt we wouldn't be able to help countrys that are in need or we wont be able to greeve the ones we have lost in a disaster.