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Rainforest preview
here is an audio description of my prior knowledge about rain forests

My Story...
* the horror beneath the carpet *
Mr Douglas was resting peacefully on his favourite couch reading his favourite classic by dr zuess the cat in the hat!!!. he was a real estate agent selling houses every day for 50 years he was so tired all he had done all day was work now it was his time to unwind from an unnerving, very stressful day at work, he felt bad as his meen cranky old boss died yesterday and he allways despised him and never apoligised for the cruel things he said. Mr douglas felt awful but still carried on ,he was a real estate agent selling houses every day for 50 years he was so tired all he had done all day was work now it was his time to relax. he sat in his favourite grey, lazyboy couch, it was soft and comfortable. the couch always made mr douglas sleepy. on the white walls of his lovely cottage were old pictures of the auckland harbour... man im getting drowsy thinks mr douglas to himself, though he keeps on reading everything starts to go blury...zzzzzzzz...
Mr douglas finally got up and went to check on the stove as he smelt chinese food lingering through the air and all of a sudden he remembered he was heating up left overs from the night before.As he slowly paced towards the kitchen he felt a strange bump beneath his feet then 'DING DONG" the door bell rang???? he went to check who it was but no one was there hhhmmm strange he was thinking scarcely to himself. he was a little freaked out by this so he quickly grabbed his food and sat down to eat he piled it all up high on his plate he kept on thinking... i wonder what that bump could have been, a rat possibly, no it cant of been i have never had this problem before all though it maybe smelt the food and came scampering over to see if he could get any scraps , and the door bell there is no way anyone could run away that fast what this doesnt make sense ??? strange...
as he cleaned up he was still abit scared over the whole thing so he went and sit down ready to watch the 9.00 news there is nothing to worry about he thought to himself quietly, or so he thought.
he was so tired after the news he couldnt even think straight. as he slowly stumbled to bed he felt yet another bump beneath his feet OK IM OFFICIALLY FREAKED OUT he looked around the room again with fear but couldnt see anything .there was the conclusion of rat but he highly doubted that?? hhhmmmm weird
Two miserable weeks past and it was constantly happening Mr douglas was once again resting on his couch staring into space and saw the bump swiftly move accross the room.He was now fed up "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH" he exclaimed with fury he grabbed a chair from the dining room ready to slam on the bump when all of a sudden CRACKKKK the old chairs handles snapped off and fell on the carpet with a thud DAMN IT he screamed as he was really annoyed now!!!
the next morning mr douglas skipped work ( which was a relief as today they had a big meeting ) to set out rat traps all over the house as it was the only conclusion he could come to , he even called a rodent infestation company to inspect the house, he did catch a rat but again the bump came back that very same night and for the very last time....
the door flew open with a gigantic gust of windflew past and with that the bump was gone and was never seen again, it could have been any thing his deceased boss coming back for revenge. maybe a dream or is it as simple as a rodent problem??? who nows but till this day mr douglas is parranoid, still has night mares and will never go to work again. he tells him self it was his overactive imagination so he can sleep at night but deep down he knows it wasnt WHAT DO YOU THINK
could it happen to you BEWARE....

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Book in a bag !!!
this is my bag with some of my items including my teddy bear, a letter ,a diary , a torch and a scroll

here is my bag again with the items and a slight view of the author side

this is the other side of my bag showing jodie and pearl plus the blurbs side as well
also my items too.

this is my bag and items plus showing whats inside the letter !!! an i.d pas and some pics plus a letter

external image rainbow_glittered_peace_sign.gif

sketch cast maths video
this is a lesson on how to multiply by 10 :D ENJOY


this is my bomomo digital art and i have called it 'REBEL'... i used many different tools and was aiming for abstract rainbow effect and a little bit of techno style, this was kind of hard but really fun :D

poetry self reflection blabber

we had to create a avatar resembling ourselves, then make it talk on blabberize,we distorted the mouth so it moved and we had to add a short clip about poetry and a self reflection on it. check it out

Digital book

for our digital books we had to choose a pass and then write a specific amount of poems, then we had to illustrate some of them and use a text generator for some and also get some pics of the internet. i chose an A+ pass

ashleys explanation podcast
My first task was to create an avatar (weemee) that had certain characteristics of myself. I then had to record my explanation of how the ... works. I rehearsed my presentation before I recorded it in garageband. I then used imovie to create my podacst that included my avatar and my audio presentation. I also learnt how to embed and resize my podcast onto our wikispace. Check out my podcast ...

letter writing postcards:
this term our task was to write postcards to someone about a country, a city in that country and three popular tourist attractions.i did england and my 3 tourist attractions are big ben, london eye and Buckingham palace. first we had to go on google earth and look up and research our countries and get a bit of information then we made postcards on pages, here is mine...Enjoy

Slice of life recount:
We were given the task of writing a recount based on a personal experience. I chose to write one on my first soccer game Our writing focus was on using descriptive language. We had to include a range of adjectives, onomatapoeia, similes, metaphor and personification. We were given 4 options on publishing our recounts. Those options were: creating a whiteboard photo, keynote, podcast or publishing straight onto our own wikispace. Check out my awesome work !!
my first soccer game ! !
my first soccer game It was time .Slowly pacing across the pitch as slow as a dehydrated sloth. I couldnt believe i was actually playing my first game of soccer. We are waiting for the referee in anticipation as if its the last thing we ever do, i look around and take a glimpse of the crowd. "yipee" the crowd goes wild. So many parents proudly cheering us on. Then the ref blows his whistle luckily we won the coin toss so we get to start... "oi Down the line"!! oh right that means im suppose to throw the ball. And we are off
" Abby in the middle" i yelled as i zoomed as fast as i could down the pitch. Then out of the blue she kicks it to me, im kinda stunned i sort of look at it for a second but before i knew it

the other team were dribbling the ball down the other end of the field!!... OMG"your kidding me i think there going to get a goal everybody gathers round pushing and tackling to get the ball but its way to late my hands are sweating like crazy but unfortunately i was right they did get a goal luckily it was only half time so i still had time to show some of my skills. Yaay oranges we all reached in to get one of the really ripe juicy ones ,mmm juicy and sweet. "I think we better go back on now" my coach exclaimed. I reckon we are going to get a goal this time... the pressure is on but then again i cant speak to soon ... for my first

soccer game this is really good its everything i imagined it would be and more. My heart is racing faster than a v8 super car and beating at the speed of light. and of we go again as i run up the field i see the ball in the corner of my eye yipee there is a glimmer of hope :D i bolt past the other players and grab the ball as fast as i can WOAH im almost there yaay i can do it i just need to get past this defender i better speed up a little, oh great im loosing my balance, "OUCH " "corner the ref shouted as i go up to mark a player emma is preparing to take the corner now this is it we need this goal2 minutes left she walks up to it as if its

the last thing she ever does then bam up it goes flying of her boots. I was looking at the goal waiting for my chance when suddenly BAM it bounces of my head and... and whats that did I just get a goal. It must have bounced of my head Cool! game over 1-1 as I sprint over to my dad I think about next weeks game and how much fun i have to look forward to.
the telephone keynote
Our task was to create a keynote presentation based around a piece of technology that has evolved over time. We had to work with a partner on this task. My partner's name was ... We followed the Action Learning Process in brainstorming our topic, creating 6 key questions and researching our information. We had to rewrite our information into our own words, collect some relevant images and also a video for our presentation.

The i-shoes
our task was to crete a new piece of technology from two random objects, we then had to combine the two and create a new name for it.
i created the i-shoes listen to how i did it and check it out !!

Description: my glog is about the temperate zone it includes a video about the extreme weather, facts and pics so please... enjoy