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What does multiple intelegence mean??
It means to be smart in your own way.Each and everyone of us is special with a talent and interest.
List the various intelligences.
1.Body smart
2.Music smart
3.Nature smart
4.Myself smart
5.People smart
6.Number smart
7.Word smart
8.Picture smart
What is my preferred learning style??
Music smart
List 3 Web 2.0 tools that will help my learning style.
3.Video sharing
List at least 6 occupations that would suit someone with your preffered learning style.
1.Music teacher
4.Music Journalist
6.Pop star
Name 3 well known or famous people who share the same multiple intelligence as yourself.
1.Bruno Mars
2.Taylor Swift
3.Brooke Fraser
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 ANZAC poem
Gallipoli shores rained by bullets
Unidentified enemy carrier ships
Needing cover from the sand
Struggling to stay alive on the shores of gallipoli

This is a profile of a soldier in World War one,His name is Edgar Robert Colbeck Adams.

Family Name Adams
Given Name Edgar Robert Colbeck
Occupation Before Enlisting Engineer
Age On 25 April 1915 18
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Did He Survived? No