The Nations competing in the RWC are...

1.New Zealand
4.South Africa
10.United States

The team that i will be adopting is New Zealand.

Capital City:Wellington


Languages:English,Maori and New Zealand Sign Language.


Currency:The New Zealand dollar(NZD is the currency of New Zealand.

Famous for:New Zealand is famous for the
millons of sheep in New Zealand - some ten times the human population which is currently a little over 4 million (2009). In the 1970s and 1980 there were as many as 70-80 million sheep.

Webb Ellis Cup

The Webb Ellis cup is a trophy award given to the rugby team winners in the rugby world cup, and the cup is named after William Webb Ellis and it will be awarded to the winner in 2011 by the winners in 1987.


1. 1987, New Zealand, David Kirk2. 1991, Australia, Nick Farr-Jones3. 1995, South Africa, Francois Pienaar4. 1999, Australia, John Eales5. 2003, England, Martin Johnson6. 2007, South Africa, John Smit

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Hello:Kia ora

Please:Tēnā koa

Thank you:Kia ora



Goodbye:E noho rā(to the person staying)
Haere rā(to the person going)

New Zealand's Anthem

God of nations! at Thy feet

In the bonds of love we meet,

Hear our voices, we entreat,

God defend our Free Land.

Guard Pacific's triple star,

From the shafts of strife and war,

Make her praises heard afar,

God defend New Zealand

Men of ev'ry creed and race

Gather here before Thy face,

Asking Thee to bless this place,

God defend our Free Land.

From dissension, envy, hate,

And corruption guard our State,

Make our country good and great,

God defend New Zealand.

Peace, not war, shall be our boast,

But, should foes assail our coast,

Make us then a mighty host,

God defend our Free Land.

Lord of battles in thy might,

Put our enemies to flight,

Let our cause be just and right,

God defend New Zealand.

Let our love for Thee increase,

May Thy blessings never cease,

Give us plenty, give us peace,

God defend our Free Land.

From dishonour and from shame

Guard our country's spotless name

Crown her with immortal fame,

God defend New Zealand.

May our mountains ever be

Freedom's ramparts on the sea,

Make us faithful unto Thee,

God defend our Free Land.

Guide her in the nations' van,

Preaching love and truth to man,

Working out Thy Glorious plan,

God defend New Zealand.

Maori Words

E Ihoa Atua,

O nga Iwi Matoura,

Ata whaka rongona;

Me aroha noa.

Kia hua ko te pai;

Kia tau to atawhai;

Manaakitia mai


Ona mano tangata

Kiri whero, kiri ma,

Iwi Maori Pakeha

Repeke katoa,

Nei ka tono ko nga he

Mau e whakaahu ke,

Kia ora marire


Waiho tona takiwa

Ko te ao marama;

Kia whiti tona ra

Taiawhio noa.

Ko te hae me te ngangau

Meinga kia kore kau;

Waiho i te rongo mau


Tona pai me toitu;

Tika rawa, pono pu;

Tona noho, tana tu;

Iwi no Ihoa.

Kaua mona whakama;

Kia hau te ingoa;

Kia tu hei tauira;


1. At what age did you start playing rugby?
2. Did you enjoy watching rugby when you were a kid?
3. Who was your rugby hero?
4. Did you find rugby easy or hard?
5. Who do you think is the most threatening opponent this year?
6. Do you enjoy playing rugby in your own time?
7. What is the most serious injury you sustained while playing rugby?
8. Did you play for any rugby teams while you were a kid?
9.What do you think is the most important thing to win a rugby game?
10.What do you eat before a rugby game?

Level 1:

The difference between open and closed questions are that closed answers get a on

word answer only like yes/no,true,false.A open question gets more information given.

To find more information with open questions don't be very specific when asking, because

if you are you'll probably get a yes no answer e.g Do you like rugby? yes.

Level 2:

To become a good journalist you need to be confident,fast,accurate and be able

to multitask.You should also be some one who is good with people and thick skinned

(meaning if you are sensitive you will have it rough because there will be people who will yell at you).

Level 3:

It is important to an understanding of how people around the world live, because you will

be travelling around the world to get news so you don't want to be rude or look silly since their

ways may be different.