Welcome to Amy's Page!!
Hi this is Amy.
I'm from South Korea.

I like drawing!
I like Korean singers,songs and drama.
My favrate foods are chocolates,ice cream and chicken.
I also like dogs!!

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Letter Writting

For letter writting I wrote about Korea.

Trip To Huia

Wednesday 10th of March r.29 and r.32 went to Huia trip.

We went by bus.Before the day,Mr.Beehre separated into 2groups.
Group C and D.I was in group D.
Our school bus ride to Huia was long,it took one and a half...
When we arrived at Huia,we first had a game called tag but it was different tag tat I played before.
It was fun!!Our first activity was team game.
There were five little games in the team game.
Some games that I enjoyed were Warter game,yellow and red robber game,and the rope that hangeson the tree!
On the rope game I thought it's very hard but after I finished it,it was really easy.
Our second activitiy was the bush walk.
We went to a little mountain and walked.We learnt about plants and tees. When we went up we saw a huge hole that connets with a sea.It was a very huge hole that I've ever seen.
At last time on the top of the hill we went down sliding with Nikau Pal'ms! It was very fast so the small rocks hurt me and at the end In couldn't stop because it was quick.

After that we had abseiling and orienteering.

My best activity was abseiling.It was my first time.
The first time I looked down and I felt really nervous and I changed my mind to try it!
During abseiling it was ok but my hands were durning.
It was a little bit sore.After abseiling I looked at my hands and it was bit red and my hands were covered in dirt.

The Huia trip was the best trip in the school.
I liked all the activities!The time that we were on the bus was very long, however it was the best trip!

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This is my weather work.My topic is Tropical zone.
I learnt about weather.