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Rainforest Preview ! Here is my audio clip of my prior knowledge on rainforests!!!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Bonny she was really pretty and sporty and she was the nicest person but every one hated her for some reason.She only had one friend and her name was Alina they have been friends for about 6 years Bonny is 12 right now. after school Bonny and Alina went to the park to play on the play ground when they finish playing on play ground Alina left a bit early but Bonny stayed at the park to swing on the swing when she was on the up in the air she was looking around the the park well she was in the air and well she was looking around she saw this bright light in the tree she new that she wasn't aloud to climb tree' s so she ran home and said to her mum"i just saw a alien in the tree" then her mum just stead at her and said "you kids and your imagination these days " but mum i am telling the truth" when bonny was in her room she fall a sleep and had a dream that she was at the park and she saw the green light again so she climbed on the tree and she reached out closer when she finally got to the green light she slowly but her hand towards it the green light just suddenly her whole body went in to the magic portal. when when she was falling form the sky she landed on this colorful cloud the cloud started to move toward this town when got to the town she hoped of the colorful cloud and had a walk around the town and there was absolute no one there bonny keep saying " Hello is there any body here hello" and yet no one replied so she kept walking on the path after a few minutes the path split in to two so she took the Left path that path lead her to a forest it was a very very dark forest as she was walking she felt the cold breeze coming out of no where she looked all around her but she saw nothing so she stared to walk long the path the suddenly she heard something behind her so she stared to run as fast as she could then she accidentally tripped on a stick then fall in to this massive hole that lead in to a cave she stared walking towards the green light she kept say in her head could it be the aliens then she said out loud who are you and what are you.When she got to the bright green light it was just 7 glowing caterpillars so she started to turn back but then the caterpillars stared to make a noise when she looked at them they made a made a little note saying we will show you the way out of this cave she didn't no if she should believe them but it was her only chance to get out of the cave so Bonny pinked up the caterpillars and the then they lead the way out of the cave well bonny was walking she stared to ask the caterpillars some questions like

-Why are you in this cave they said because we were born your then wheres you mother we don't no we haven 't seen her for a few days the last thing she said to us she going to try find some food but she hasn't come back yet so we will make a deal with you Bonny said "OK" deal so they went on a fun but scary adventure so there journey Begin they looked in any small places but the still could find her and they where really close to getting out of the tunnel after a few minutes they were out of the tunnel they saw there mum just lying on the leave the little green caterpillars asked there mum what wrong mum i stopped for i rest but then i couldn't move any more why mum because i am so thirsty Bonny please can you take my mum down to the lake yup sure where is it o it right down the there ok lets go then (now they at the river)
now what do i do just put her down ok mum are uyou fine now yes i am thank you forgot to tell me your name o sorry my name is Bonny hello thank you for bringing my kids to me how did you find them i tripped on a stick and fall in this hole that lead to a cave she need to go back home and she knew it was time for them to go back
home so when they were saying good bye the caterpillars softly wiggled in her hand spelling out goodbye

Today at class we created abstract art. We used different brushes to create a picture. This is my finished product and it is called "Purple Haze"


Here is my digital poetry book. It contains a selection of original poems that I have written in class. I have also included some original artwork to support my poetry. Some of my poems have also been published using tikatok. I hope you enjoy reading my animal poems

Here is my self assessment on our poetry writing unit.I made this my using blabber mouth it was fun. Click the play button and you will hear me talk

The first task was to select an avatar (WeeMee) had to create certain characteristics about myself. Then I had to record my explanation of how the heart works. I have practiced my presentation and then I recorded in GarageBand. Then I used iMovie to make my podcast with my own avatar and my audio presentation. I've also learned to embed your podcast and paste it on our wikispace. Check out my podcast ...

I created a glog to do with my selected climate, which was the Polar Zone. I included 5 informative facts about the Polar Zone, 5 facts about extreme weather that happens in the Polar Zone, and a video that is related to an extreme weather that I chose. I also included a definition of Climate.

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We were given the task of writing a recount based on a personal experience. I chose to write one on abseiling in Huia. Our writing focus was on using descriptive language. We had to include a range of adjectives, onomatapoeia, similes, metaphor and personification. We were given 4 options on publishing our recounts. Those options were: creating a whiteboard photo, keynote, podcast or publishing straight onto our own wikispace. I chose to publish my recount straight onto my own wiki.

It was a wonderful hot day and the sun was blazing up in the sky. The birds were were flying in the air. When I was walking up the bumpy rocky mountain there were so much plants that I had never seen before. It was so amazing how the cliff was shaped. When we got up, everyone started putting up their harness. When it was Rashi's turn, she got really nervous because she was scared that she would fall. It took her half an hour to get down, and when she got down, she didn't want to come back up.

When it was nearly my turn, I was surprised that my heart wasn't beating as fast as it would be when I'm scared. When it was my turn, I was so excited. I was so excited because I waited for a long time. Then when I got over the fence, and then my legs were shaking like a chicken, but when I started to walk, my legs became to go straight. As I was walking down, I saw fantastic views of Huia. When got to the smooth rock, I felt like I was going to slip down, but fortunately I didn't. When I got down, my heart was pumping out of my chest. It was an amazing experience abseiling down a cliff.

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Our task was make a keynote presentation based around a piece of technology that has evolved over time. We had to work with a partner on this task. My partner was Cheryl. We followed the Action Learning Process in brainstorming our topic, creating 6 key questions and researching our information. We had to rewrite our information into our own words and find some images and also a video for our presentation.