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Rainforest Preview

Here is my audio clip of my prior knowledge about rainforest


*(:We had choose a country. Find a city within that country. Then find 3 tourists destinations.
We used Google Earth to helps us find out what the weather was like and to find the tourist destinations.
We then went to wikipedia and found out 3 or 4 facts about our destinations. Hope you like the postcard.:)*

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Run Away Love
Some people are born into pure happiness, but others such as myself were born into pure darkness. I push the branches out of my way trying to create a clear path. Shadows of tall trees hovered over my head. Dawn was creeping up on me. Hunger and fatigue each trying to win me over.'I should of gone back with Lucky' I mumbled to myself. This isn't fair. Why is happiness so easy for others to find and me. I have to go searching for it. I don't regret my decision but times like this I do. My happiness is in something that people find amusing and non-realistic The Harp of Anastasia, Lylaks And Larkins. I continue my path on what I am sure is North. Going deeper and deeper into the forest soul. 'Lenon. Lenon. Keep going. You're not far.'I heard a voice whisper. My body shook but I wasn't sure if it was with fear or excitement. I held my breath and turned around slowly. My body was still, but my eyes were stuck on where I am sure the voice had come from. My voice shaking 'Whhwhhoooss Ththtthheeere?'No reply.But all I heard was shallow breathing from behind the bush. I walked towards it taking each step with caution. As I reached the bush I felt a bit hesitant. Do I really want to see what's behind the bush or should I just keep looking. Instead of really thinking about it. I bent over, my muscles tensing. I tried to pull the twigs and branches out of the way. Pulling and snapping. Instead all I got was what I've searched so long for. So it's true he thought' it's really true.

'Lenon you nerd. Why the heck are you reading during lunch. Honestly man you need a life. Better yet get a new one. Give me that book. You nerd. You know what you should move or at least scoot out of this I world cause no one likes you. Teachers, kids at this school, ME, even your family. No one likess...' says Hutch fiercely snatching my things off of me.
'Leave him alone. I like Lenon. So shut up man you don't know. Why don't you gap it out of this world. Cause no one likes little snotty booty know it alls. But wait, I guessing that was to smart for you. I'll dumb it down to your level. Ok. No one likes eggs named HUTCH. Get the picture.' Lyla obviously trying to back me up.
'Be quite purple eyes. No ones talking to you. Anyway I'm smarter than you anyway...'
'Yeah. Is that the new code. I'm smarter than you. Dude I know what classes you're in and I know all your test scores...'
'Ohh so you're stalking me now...'
'Shh you'd want to stalk you. And I'd be careful or I'm going to be Chris Brown and you can be Rihanna.'

Ok Hutch is my bully and I'm Hutch's nerd. Lyla is my hero. Whatever Hutch calls me, takes from me. I don't mind. Since the day we first meet Hutch has hated me. He's always hated me. I never knew why. I didn't do anything wrong. One thing I do know is that I'm to scared to hate Hutch. It's not because he's my bully. No. But because of his appearance. Have you seen him. He's this 12 year old who looks like a 16 year old. With his tall medium build. It'shard to believe he's not taking steroids. Long bleach blonde hair drips over his volcanic burning red eyes. Careful not to look at him or his Medusa like powers will turn you into stone. His lips firmly pressed into a line. Never breaking into a gleeful smile. Unless smirks and Joker like smiles count. This is Hutch. But to add to him being my bully, fierce appearance. Here's some more reasons why I am scared to hate him, is also the same reason why everyone else is scared to hate him. Is simply because he's violent, when he hates you everyone does. So that's why I've pretty much have never done anything about Hutch. I would of told the teachers but like Hutch said even the teachers hated me. My friends. What friends, what friends could I have told. Hutch took them away from me.

Darkness,despair, loneliness,silence emptiness were my only companions. The story book characters, the heroes, villains, the people in need were also my only companions.

School should be the last place I'd want to be. School should be my forever burning furnace. Pain, torture and agony. My PTA. With teachers and students hating me and putting me through a rough time. But it isn't.

Everyday I spend at school,every minute,hour I take for granted. Every second I spend at the shop. I take for granted. Hell is this place I call home., When I walk home I doodle, I take the really really long way. Sometimes if I'm lucky I'll stop at my brother or sister's friend's house. And hang out with my brother and sister till the police come over to take me home. That brings me a hint of joy. Seeing my brother and sister. They seem to be a whole lot happier since they moved out of my house. But I couldn't help but realise that they felt a bit sympathetic for me. They have friends nice,good ones. With great parents that gradually took them in. But me. I'm left with my own parents. The not so good ones.

See my parents had an arranged marriage. So they never really meet eye-to-eye. Reason why they had an arranged marriage is because Linda's(my mum)family owned a very successful Wine company. And Nicolas's(my dad)family owned a very successful Sandwich company. And I guess they thought that Sandwiches and Wine would go perfectly together. And would make for a very successful company. It never need. As Linda had hated Nicolas. And Nicolas hated Linda. Even after the marriage, my brother and sister and I they still hated each other.

Still to this day having them two under the same roof has never made for a pleasant environment. With constant fighting, screaming,shouting,pushing,pulling and crying. You would of thought within the 20 years they've been together you would of thought they'd found some peace. But no. Cantle never came together with Peace, Joy and Love. We always were the opposite. War Despair and Anger. These were our 3 favourite words. Our motto. Our way of life.

My parents drove my sister out of the house when she was only 12. So I never really get to see Lydia. Her friend's house is to far for me to walk. My sister is very skinny. She's got a bit more fat on her than she did before when she lived with us. When she lived with us she used to starve herself. Merely because everyday when Mum would lose her way with Dad she use to take it out on Lydia. She use to say Lydia was way to fat.And that she needed to be skinnier. Lydia had gone to the point of being anorexic. She looks fine now. Happier and healthier. I guess girls need their protein.

Then my brother Christian moved out when he was only 11. I see Chris a whole more then I see Lydia. As his friend's house is in walking distance of my school. Mum and Dad pushed him away with abuse. When Dad didn't get his way with Mum he'd go and search for Christian and abuse him. He'd take all his frustration and anger out on poor little Christian. When he abused Christian. Chris would go to school the next day teachers would ask him questions(despite them knowing)he'd just make up some random excuses. He'd be bleeding on the inside, crying on the out. But there was only one boy who knew what he was about. And that little boy took him in. Teachers stopped giving him sympathetic looks and asking him questions. Chris and Lydia's lives are a whole lot better now. I guess now the only thing that they're worried about now is my life.

The rest of the day went on pretty normal. This time I managed to stay the whole night over over at Chris's without the police coming over to pick me up. I hate being taken away from Chris and Lydia they're my only safety and comfort.

'Hey Len. Come here.'
'Check out what Eddie and I found. It's those things that you've been reading about. You know the things in Tavila forest.'
'Whatever Chris. Don't burst my bubble'
'Nah. I'm serious. Here check it out.'

I run over to the computer screen. So happy and surprised that someone actually remembers something that I enjoy.

'See here.
The Harp Of Anastasia Lylak.

The Harp of Anastasia Lylak, is suppose to be a myth. But research shows that such a Harp and creatures actually did and might as well still do walk this Earth. Research shows that anyone with the eye colour other than the normal brown, blue, black, green is a certified Lylak. Researchers are looking for a volunteer with a great amount of courage who will take up the challenge of going to Tavila Forest to search for these things.Please take note that we will not provide you with any equipment and that we will not provide you with a reward. We will not take any responsibilities for any inconvenience or death. So please volunteer.
You should do it Len. You'll be out of that hell whole, you won't have to go to school. And you might find what your looking for and you can prove to those jerks that these things do exist.'
'As great as it sounds umm...I don't think I want to.'
'Why not. It's everything you want. In one'
'Umm. I just don't think I want it'
'Why not? Come on no more of this. No more PTA. Come on Len be courageous. Why don't you...'
'Because I don't think I can be a failure in another race. It's not fair.'
'You're not a failure Len.' says Chris coming over putting his arm around my shoulder.
'Yes I am Hutch told me. And everyone hates me. Why do I have to go through this. Our motto goes perfectly with me.'
'No it doesn't. And you don't know what they're going to think of you, unless you go. Come on Lyd's and I have found our happiness It's time found you found yours. You need this. Happiness. Come on Len. You could have your happiness. Why don't you want it?'
'Cause.It's. It doesn't fit me.'
'You've got to go. Happiness at your fingertips. I don't get it'
'I just don't think I can be a loser. Like I said, I can't handle it. Not again.'
'Come on Len. Take a risk. You read about them so much. You can pretty much pass off as one of them. You know the Language the culture. Just go. Go Len.'
'Ok. If I do it will you stop hustling me.'
'Sure we leave tomorrow early morning. We'll call the company. You will be leaving tomorrow. See you in the morning.'

So it comes to the next day and Chris calls the company. They happily let me take the job and they went over the consequences.It felt a bit weird. Eddie let me take his dog Lucky for protection. But he gave me a fair warning that Lucky would leave at bleeding sky.

Chris dropped me off at the mouth of the forest. Lucky and I drifted off into the forest hoping we would come across something. Instead all we got was trees and more trees, insects, massive spiders, massive spider webs, the occasional animal that would always sprint off in the other direction. But otherwise no Lylaks, Larkins nor Harp.

We kept wondering around falling deeper and deeper into the forests soul. Lucky started barking at something in the corner.
'What is it boy'
His body pointing in the direction of a tall Kauri tree. He sprinted off towards it. I couldn't help but follow. his body had come to an abrupt halt. His body twisted. He stared at me as if searching for something. He barked fiercely, his teeth baring. My eyes widened and I fell to the ground trying to move back slowly. As i fell he stopped barking, his eyes became gentle again. Then sprinted back to the tree where we found nothing.

We began to start walking again this time I made sure I kept a fair distance away from Lucky. Just incase he might have another snap attack against me. I was confused. Why had he instantly turned into a fierce hunter and decide that I should be an easy prey.

For 20 minutes Lucky was fine he hadn't tried anything on me. But every minutes or so he'd stop and look back at me. With his fierce then gentle eyes. I was still puzzled. What the heck.Was all I was thinking.

Sunset was approaching. I hadn't realised what time it was. Hunger had hit hard. My legs dying for a reast. The sky was b;eeding. Coulds sinking and desolving into the sky. Lucky must have realised what time it was. He stared at me his eyes not fierce but cold and hard. We stared at each other for a cold hard 5 minutes before he turned away and left for home.

I would of stopped him to make sure that he'd stay with me. But I was scared that he might of attacked me or done something much worse. So I let him run. I would of followed him, but that would of just made this pointless. Chris would have a fit and I'd have to walk this all over again.

Each tree started to pass looked the same. I wasn't sure if I was walking in circles or the trees just looked identical.The path became more narrow and more bushes started to pop up. Twigs started to whip my face. Twigs below my waste had slashed my legs. Leaving scratches and bruises on my legs. My legs and face started to sting. I wished I had worn long pants. It would of saved me from the cold and whipping.

The bleeding sky had turned into burning marshmallows. Dawn was approaching. And my vision would soon die. I didn't think of packing anything thinking I would be back before dark.

I pushed the branches out of my way trying to create a clear path. Shadows of tall trees hovered over my head. Hunger and fatigue each trying to win me over.'I should of gone back with Lucky' I mumbled to myself. Lucky's face jumped into my mind. His face seemed sympathetic in my head. Like Lydia and Christian's. This filled my head with thoughts that seemed to be a life time away. Despite how horrible this forest was making me feel. It's a whole lot better than being told I'm pathetic, worthless, meaningless and hopeless. Then getting pushed around and having things taken away from me. Then getting pulled out of bed just to get abused, or to be taken away by the police. Or to starve because there's no food because people forget to feed me because they're so self-absorbed. Better than the occasional no power or hot water. Because some people forgot to the bill. Better than being the forgotten boy in the corner. My brother and sister might think that they had it rough. But they were noticed. Linda and Nicolas actually knew they were alive. Teachers liked them, kids aspired to be like them. They had friends to lean on. Lydia was only told she was to fat so she took it to the extreme and became superficially skinny. Chris was abused for no reason. Not saying that hat they got was easy and simple. But it was a whole lot better than what I got. I got all of the above. Never fed, abused, pushed around, bullied, cold or even no shower for 2-3 weeks, no power for a month, police taking me away, never remembered. Hell is this place I had called home.

Tavila Forest is where my happiness lies. Tavila Forest feels contempt. My happiness is in something that peopple find amusing and non-realistic. Lylaks and Larkinks do exist. The Harp of Anastasia Lylak does to. Why are people blinded by their own negativity and square minded thinking? Why do people refuse to see life's beauty? Why are they slaves that are chained to their attitudes/ I bet you the only reason why Chris wanted me to do this quest was not out of pure love, but out of fear for my well being and self-esteem. I don't think that Chris could watch my self-esteem melt anymore.

My pathway is no longer a pathway. But just a big bush. Now I am truly lost. I continue my path on what I am sure is North. Only to have my path disturbed by a strange whispering voice.'Lenon. Lenon. Keep Going. You're Not Far.' My body shook. But I wasn't sure if it was with fear or excitement. I held my breath and turned around slowly. My body was still, my eyes stuck on where I am sure the voice had come from. My voice shaking 'Whhhooo'sssss Thhhhthhhtheeeerrrre' no reply but shallow breathing. I start to approach the bush taking each step with caution. As I finally reach the bush I felt a bit hesitant. Do I really want to see my little messenger or should I keep looking. Instead of really deciding, I bent over my muscles tensing. Adrenalin rushing through my veins. I tried to pull the sticks and twigs out of my way. Snapping and pulling. Instead of gtting my messenger I got what I have searched so long for. So it's true I thought, It's really true.

My heart pounding rapidly. My eyes feasting upon the beautiful sight. My body shook, but know with delightful excitement. What lay right here before me was nothing no painter nor writer could describe. It was so beautiful.

The Harp of Anastasia Lylak just stood at the mouth of the Waterfall. The Harp playing beautiful soundless music. The Waterfall should seem like a big killing monster crashing down with rage. But no. Like the soundless Harp the waterfall come down soundlessly. The open river that the waterfall fell into had light trickling water glide through it.The trees seemed to be brighter then the trees on the outskirts of the forest. They seemed lively and delicate. Small little lights fluttered over my head leading me to something. The air smelt sweet and creamy. The taste of sweet strawberries danced on my tongue.

This darkness that I had forever felt had evaporated within my 3 minutes of being here.My senses were fully turned on. My eyes never knew, that anything so beautiful could of ever existed.

My guiding lights, guided me over the river to this small little bridge. With it's old pine wood and bright red designs. The bridge seemed like a fairytale. The vine railings whipped themselves across by my side. They curved at the edges , then re-linked, then curved. The red and green and brown had gone perfectly together. The trickling of the water pranced beneath the bridge. The river had seemed to of widened. Forever would never be enough. Forever was to short.

The lights guided me to a small little shack. Where they left me with a small note attached to my head. It read.
"Dit is 'n buitestaander Ons het Hom gevind in die bos.. Jammer vir ontstellende jy op hierdie laat hour.But ons was nie seker of hy was' n Larkin. Jammer. Neem hom na Anastasia en dan het hy is jou verantwoordelikheid. Lights.'

I had no idea what it said. And I felt a bit stupid just standing outside a little shack. I clenched my fist and was debating about whether I should knock or shouldn't.

I didn't really have to make up my mind before the door swung open. My hopes had risen. My eyes widened. But that was all just a waste of time. My hopes had risen only to fall. My dropped when I saw it was Lyla at the door.

We stared at each other for a pretty long time. She seemed to be just as shocked as I was. Her right hand clutched around the door knob. Her left arm clutched around her waist. She moved her lips as if to speak. But nothing came out. Her eyes worried and surprised. She leaned towards me and I was scared about what she was going to do. She snatched out of my hand what the lights had left me with. She began to red it. Her eyes flickered from me then back to the paper. Her body stiffened and had become tense. She stepped out of the dark and cocked her head to the side. I could fully see her now. She looked different. At school she'd usually look really pale, with dying, sorrowful purple eyes. Her lips were a light red. With her hair in a high ponytail. But here right now she looked beautiful. Her long brown hair cut off at her waist, glowed blonde in the light. Her brilliant bright violet eyes seemed more human than ever before. Her suppose to be pale skin, was now a sun kissed glow. Her lips were a bright red that actually comforted her face.I thought Tavila Forest was beautiful this was equal.

Her eyes seemed a whole lot less surprised, but instead just studied my whole body. She began to speak.'You are Lenon Cantle. Right?'
'Umm yeah it's me. Lyla?'
'Yeah I'm Lyla. You know Lyla Lylak.'
'Your last name is Lylak'
'Yeah. I'm pretty sure it is. Why are you here? Did you follow me or something?'
'No I'm here because... of that company thing. Your a Lylak?'
'Yeah I'm pretty sure that's my last name.'
'No I mean Lylak, Lylak. As in the race.'
'Umm come with me.'

She pulled me through the forest. She seemed a whole lot more stronger and a lot more aggressive then she was at school. She led me to this strange looking place. With this red, green and purple lights surrounding the outside. It was strangely on a angle. The roof was not triangular nor flat but a random semi-circle. The designs were beautiful and complicated but didn't suite the building. The door was a triangle with a weird square knob.

We entered Lyla leading still with a firm grip around my arm. She entered another door and just told me to wait outside. I was nervous I didn't know what to do with myself. I hadn't seen anything besides Lyla and my Light Guardians. Where were they. I thought to myself. Lyla came out of the room closing the door quietly behind her.

'How much do you know about our race?'her tone thoughtful.
'Ummm. A lot I guess. I studied your kind' my tone equally as thoughtful
'Do you know our language?'
'Only the simple I guess'
'Ok come with me.'

She pulled me into a strange peculiar room. Red lights scattered the room. A lady on a throne sat opposite me. Staring curiously at me. The room was crowded. With thousands of chatting people. For a triangular room it could sure fit a lot of people.

Lyla dragged me halfway through the room and left me. Lylaks (I guess they were) were all staring at me and I couldn't help but feel a bit self conscious. Lyla pranced towards the lady on the throne and began talking.

'Anastasia Hier is die buitestaander. Hy weet min oor ons. Hy studeer ons. Hy weet min oor ons taal. "
"Shh kind. Is dit vir hom. Lenon ... Lylak. "
'Hoe ken hom. "
"Hy is my jonger broer."
"The Lost"
"Ja. Ja. "
"Die verlore seun."
"Is hy praat, is Engels."
"Ja volmaak nie,"
'Lyla Bring hom hier
"Ja Anastasia."

Lyla looked scared and fearful.'She wants to talk to you. Whatever you say, don't say anything stupid, insulting, or about me. OK' she said harshly with concerned eyes.

I approached the lady, she was beautiful like everyone else in the room. With long beautiful hair that changed colour in the light.
With sun kissed skin, bright red lips. Strong vibrant coloured eyes. Not the typical blue, brown, black or green but Violet,orange green red yellow and pretty much every colour you can think of that's their eyes. They seemed to be an inhumanly beautiful but acted so human like. How could anyone walk away from such beauty.

'Lenon... Cantle. Am I right?' Her eyes curious but yet arrogant, as if she already knew everything.
'Yes I am... Lenon Cantle.'
'You know about the Lylak race. This I am also right?'
'How much do you know about us? The Lylaks I mean.'
' A lot I guess. At least from a human prospective.'She asked so many questions as if she knew the answers. But asked just to hear my voice.'Why does someone so smart ask so many questions?'My turn to ask.
'Why does someone clueless search for answers. They say the sky is the limit and yet there are footprints on the moon. Why are young minds so curious. Why are people blind by their own belief? Don't question me I know how it goes.'I felt a bit bummed I got beaten at my own game. I turned to leave I was right I was going to end up a failure in a world that wasn't even mine.
'Do you want to know something?'I turned around she was at the edge of her chair I could see her eyes now they were the colour of bleeding sky. A bright reddy pink with a light golden pupil. She seemed eager for me to stay as if she had said something she meant not have said.
'Do you want to know why the human world doesn't except you. Why the human world never fully respects you. Do you want to know why your human family isn't really a family. Why poor little Lenon is never cared for. Do you want to know why?'

How could she know these things? My life. I never opened up to anybody, nobody ever opened up to me.Why would someone want to look inside a life of darkness?But I couldn't help it she had all these answers right there in front of me, all I had to do was just answer her question.

'Your darkness that you live in, that hell that you call home, the love and happiness that keeps avoiding you. Will keep avoiding you. Happiness will never be with you if you live in a world that isn't yours.A world that you were never born into. Parents that aren't even your real parents.'there was a long pause she began to speak again 'Lenon.... do you honestly think your human?'
'Wait. Slow it down. I don't get it. What do you mean 'do I think I'm human', what kind of a question is that? Of course I'm human. I think I knew that when I was born. And don't go talking like that about my life, my family, my parents. How would you know what I go through. I just met you. You don't know anything.'I was losing my patience she was so arrogant. How dare she say those things about my life and family. She only seemed to be 15. How would a 15 year old know anything.
'I know a lot more than you do Lenon' she was standing now eyes sharp, tone calm. Death was surely here to escort me out.'I know enough to know that you aren't human. I know enough to know the real reason why you ended up here. And enough to know that your a Lylak.' she seemed to of choked on the last line. As if she had not meant to have said it.
'What?' I was lost. Why would something not magnificent be magnificent.
'Ummm.... you're.... a... Lylak.. Lenon. Lenon Lylak is your real name.' She sat down the blood in her face had drowned. She seemed lost. Her eyes desperate for joy.
'Why would I be Lylak?' I leaned towards her. My face close up to hers. Her personal bubble was tense. She was sad. All these venom words that I had spoken had taken their effect and she was dying slowly.
'Why have you turned into one of them? Better yet, I bet you Luscious had sent you. Where is he?'she changed the subject. I was confused.
'Who is this Luscious? I don't know anyone called Luscious. And you still haven't answered my question. Why would I be a Lylak'
'So you're not with Luscious?'
'Who is this Luscious?' I shouted at her.She sat up her muscles relaxing.
'Good. Good. Then it must be the humans. Humans must of done this.' she was talking to herself
'Answer. My. Question.'my patience was gone the happiness that had driven me here was now gone. The happiness that had grounded me was no longer there. What kept me standing there was the anger and impatience. I wanted my answer and I wanted it now. Why would someone say something without a purpose behind it.
She looked demon like.'Wicked actions and wicked words. Will have wicked consequences. Words of Larkins. Words of the most lowest living lifeforms on this planet. The reason why you don't believe me why you don't remember is because of those things.'She pointed to a figure that stood in the corner. Head cocked to the side. It's dark grey eyes were like closed windows.Except the owner had forgotten to close the curtains.Expression peaceful, body relaxed. Left arm dangling. I suppose it was dead. Is that what a real Larkin looks like. I kept staring. Although it was dead it was still beautiful. You would thought and past it off as a Lylak the only difference was that it had short spiky hair.'They're the reason. Do you want to know why you're a Lylak? You know what why don't you just be happy. Ok. Why don't you be happy that a race actually accepts you. Accept the fact that you're a Lylak. WHY DON'T YOU JUST ACCEPT IT.YOU ARE A LYLAK.'she was standing up again screaming at the top of her voice. Venom was now coming out of her mouth. I was going crazy now. Impatience was over. Anger wasted. She still hadn't answered my question. Asking me more questions isn't going to answer my first. Filling my mind up with things I don't even understand isn't going to answer my questions.
'Fine. Chill your grill I answer your question. Ok. The reason why you're a Lylak. Is simply because you were born a Lylak. Your real parents biological parents were Lylaks. The reason why you don't remember is because the dirtiest lifeforms aka Larkins, had wiped away your memory.You don't remember our family, your real family because of them.'
'I don't believe you. Show me some proof.'
'Fine you want your proof. Here!'she cast her hand over a large pile of sand and a fountain of water and out came something I've never seen before. Nothing I imagined I'd ever see. What shot up was a hologram. The scene was of people in a forest dancing, playing, laughing, singing. It was peaceful, calm and happy. The forest was beautiful, full of life and expressed happiness.

Families cherry and together. One family stood out. This family all looking in different directions but yet seemed to be in unison with each other.A lady on a swing sat firmly eyes lost with deep concentration. Her eyes a bright,luminous sunset glow. Pink and red each blending to create a morning sun in her eyes. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair. I was guessing she was my mum. She looked similar to me I had her eyes, well besides the colour. Behind her a man had his hands set lightly upon her shoulders. Looking strong and powerful. His Hazel eyes scanning the area. They were friendly happy eyes that you could spend forever with. He must of been mym dad. A girl sat peacefully on the ground. Lost deeply in her own mind. She had bleeding sky coloured eyes with a golden pupil like Anastasia. Better yet I figured it was her. Then it came to two boys who sat back to back. One with dark grey eyes. That seemed as if a storm had been created in his eyes. He looked familiar. He had one of those faces that you know but you don't. He looked upset. His eyes were devious and cunning. Not naive.I looked over his shoulder all I saw was something that surely made my heart stop, something that made me stop breathing,it was me. I saw myself. Beautiful, happy, cared for. I sat there eyes lost like all of them not thinking, not really caring. I was peaceful like I belonged. I had the same green yes that no one could ever see. I had long brown hair that was actually combed and cared for. I wore a smile that was welcoming and real. My eyes happy and cheerful like everyone else here. I was a Lylak. I do belong here. This was my family, my happiness. My home.

The scene had changed. I was in a dark place. People with grey eyes surrounded me and me so called family. I was only there for a second before I heard a shriek erupt from a body behind me. The silence that I had just met had left me as soon as I approached it. Another shriek had disturbed the silence. I turned around two people lay on the ground both of them facing each other reaching out to each others hands. They had finally touched and then both bodies had become motionless.'Luscious,Anastasia,and
Lenon Lylak's memories shall be ours. Lylak race shall come to an end. How naive of the Lylak race to leave their faith in small little things. In a useless family.Lylak race will be ceased. Then the human, THEN THE GALAXY! Take your last breath Lylak's cause it'll be the last one you're going to get in this world.'said a voice so mighty and triumphant. It boomed across the room. Three more shrieks had come in one after another.Like job applicants walking into an interview only to find out in the first three seconds they didn't get the job.I was standing there looking down on my family dead or unconscious.'We will be the last life source on this earth. We will rule the galaxy. We will destroy every plant. Every last living life sources.'this thing I'm guessing a Larkin had a killing red eyes as if he were Medusa.His shortish long bleach blonde hair covered his volcanic eyes. His wicked smile reminded me so much of the joker. His voice dominate. surrounded by many people. Killing appearance. Violent actions. This Larkin... Hutch.My heart stopped again.No. My darkness must be stalking me. How could it be Hutch. How could he exist in my happiness?
'Silence shall fall across the land. And all races shall be ceased. Including yours small Hutch. Don't destroy the Lylaks trust me you will regret it.'she also looked familiar to
'SHUT UP' he slapped the poor girl across the face. She fell to the ground blood and tears making a small puddle on the ground beneath her.
'You will regret it. Their life source is all of ours. If you have forgotten they are apart of us.'the girl screeched.
'Lyla..Lyla..Lyla.We are not apart of them and they are not apart of us. Go clean yourself up and then go to bed.'He kissed her on the forehead. He had a strange PMS mood swing.Lyla, that's who she was. She left the room and with her gone the scene had changed.

I was still in the same room but this time no one was in there our bodies were gone. But for some strange reason Luscious was still there he seemed as if he were awake and more conscious of what he was doing
'Lyla is gone.' Said Hutch who was sitting upon a high throne.He looked depressed. Head bowed eyes lifeless. I guess the volcano had gone to sleep.
'She will come back sir...'
'No she won't'Hutch cut the guy'She's with them. She said she had a vision that we destroyed their race but then we died with them. She doesn't want to be apart of the killing of our races.'
'Well she doesn't really matter. She was just one girl...'
'How dare you she was our only hope to really bringing down the Lylaks. She knew them inside and out. She had them right at our fingertips. I was so close to happiness to...'
'Master. Luscious is awake.'
'Bring him here. Quickly.'
'Luscious my dear boy. Come come.'
'Is everything ok Master. Where's Lyla I have brought her a gift.'
'Don't waste your gift. Lyla... anyway how would you like to be attack and strategic manager?'
'Ummm as flattering that sounds wasn't that Lyla's job and what do you mean don't waste my gift where is she?'
'Lyla has gone back to the Lylaks. She was upset with what I did to the royal family. She wasn't happy with any of my ideas to be honest.'he said sympathetically.
'Master. Don't worry. She will join us in the end we will spear her life and give her the choice to join us when her race is destroyed.'Hutch looked up at him and smiled for the first time a happy sympathetic smile. He actually looked beautiful like all the Lylaks. His eyes had changed from red to a beautiful bleeding sky colour, his pupils a light golden brown. His hair had gone to a light beautiful brown. His skin beautifully tanned with his bright red lips turned into a beautiful smile. I never knew that Hutch could of ever looked happy.

But all of a sudden the scene had changed.I felt cold and empty. I was standing in the forest facing the Harp. Luscious his eyes were confused but yet dominate like our mothers.He was standing there Hutch's hand set firmly upon his shoulder. Hutch looked just as determined as Luscious. Lylaks came running out through the forest all looking concerned and fearful. Anastasia at the front of the pack looking shocked and speechless. Luscious looked Anastasia right in the face as if he were just remembering his life.'Anastasia'he whispered.They were both just standing there looking each other straight in the face as if this were a stand off. Both confused and speechless. Luscious's eyes scanning the whole place as if the tension of looking at Anastasia was to intimidating. His finally stopped in one place. His eyes concentrating on one thing that was standing right next to Anastasia.'Lyla.'His eyes were longing for something but I wasn't sure what. He held up a small object a necklace I guess it was. He held it up, she seemed taken back she stepped behind Anastasia as if she were hiding from someone. He cocked his head to the side and tried to get a clear view of Lyla but each time she tried to get away.'Lyla' Hutch had ended the staring by standing in front of Luscious as if shielding him. Hutch had lifted Luscious hand and forced him to throw him something a small ray of light had hit the Harp with such force that the Music that I had not known existed with the Harp had been silenced. Lylaks that were surrounding Lyla and Anastasia had fallen. The scene had gone from Tense to Tragic. Loved ones were hugging and giving there last words before greeting death.

The scene had changed yet again but back to the room. I felt different, mixed emotions was all I was feeling.'Anastasia I'm sor...'
'I don't need your sympathy, these are you're people to. This is your war to. This is your life to so you better fix it. Lenon do you get it now this is your life, this is your happiness I bet you don't want to lose your happiness all over again do you?'she seemed serious.
'I will fix this. You are my family, I promise I will fix this Anastasia, I promise to all of yous I... we will fix this we will destroy the Larkins and get Luscious back. I will fix this Anastasia. I will.'I was standing close to her now my face right up against hers. I kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her hand.

Many days went past and we were planning our defensive plan. We came up with many strategies and how we could defend ourselves. I got to know my people better and hear all the stories about when I was here about how we use to live about all the loved ones they had lost thanks to Luscious and the Larkins. I found out how Anastasia and Hutch were married till Hutch got upset and that's why the whole war had been created. I got to know Lyla a whole lot better as we had to work on the strategic plans together. I could tell why Hutch and Luscious had fallen in love with her. Life was going on perfectly. Happiness was easy to find you just really have to take a risk to find it.

Two months had passed and still no attack. October the 7th Sunday Lyla and I had found ourselves staring straight across the forest to where Lyla was sure she had seen them come through. We were serious and grounded. Anastasia her hair dripping into her eyes looked fierce and killing. Noon had approached us. We saw movement in the forest.My hopes had risen. This is it. Get it right, I'll be living lite. Get it wrong, pain will live long.

I took a look at all the Lylaks as if it would be the last time I'd ever be able to look at this. It was beautiful. Each Lylak gripping onto one an others hands, each others eyes serious and fierce. All individual but yet all as one. Just like my family.

Larkins started to appear out of the forest. Luscious and Hutch were making their way through the crowd both of them with evil smirks on their faces, till they came insight of me.

"Wat is hy hier."
"Hoekom voel bedreig? '
'Fine dinge wat jy. Ons het hier die vrede te skep en om te vra vir jou vergifnis. Maar in plaas jy het hom hier. Hoekom nie. "
"Hoekom sal jy vir ons die vrede? Hoekom sal jy omgee as ons geleef het? Jy belowe ons dood te maak. Met gif gesproke woorde. Ek onthou. Hoekom dink jy motor. "
'Lyla.Please. Kom asseblief. "
'Nee Ek wil eerder dan te sterf, bekend as 'n moordenaar'
"Please Lyla. Neem asseblief. Ek is bedel jy. Kom nie. "
'Hoekom doen jy vrees Lenon. Hutch. Hoekom? '
"Ek vrees nie Lenon."
"Nou hoekom doen jy nie hier wil hom."
"Jy wat hier en nou. Good bye Lylaks! "

They seemed to have been having a fight. Lylaks looked as if they were about to get ready to fight. But then Luscious had began to speak.

'Lenon. Lenon am I right?'
'Yeah I am Lenon. Luscious?'
'So you do remember me.'
'Of course how could I forget my own brother.'He looked as if he wanted to run up and give me a hug but something was preventing him.
'So how have they been treating you. Like dirt I guess. They treated me like that.'
'They haven't been treating me like that LUSCIOUS.' I said fiercely. I had just met my brother and all ready we were fighting.
'Touchy, touchy. I guess it hasn't been that great here with that dog clutched to your arm.'he pointed to Lyla

"Gaan en wat vir al wat ek omgee lekker"
"Jy het nooit gesĂȘ dat die dag toe ons getroud is 'Lyla seemed defeated she hid behind me like she did when Luscious had tried to get her attention.
'Anyway I have a deal I would like to make with you. Sound good. You join us and we keep you safe and they all die. Sound good.'
'No. Luscious you are a Lylak remember. I do. So are you Hutch I remember the days when you were married to my sister. I remember. I remember the games we use to play in the forest I remember everything. Why do you want to through it all away.'
'I'm sorry to hear that. Oh well I guess I'll be seeing you's all later. Tell death we say hello.'they all waved to us. After this everything seemed to be in slow motion. Luscious had risen his hand his arms getting to through a ray of light. Lyla had screamed my name. She jumped towards Luscious landing right on top of him but it was to late. He had all ready thrown the ray of light. I ran after the light umping just as it was about to hit the Harp, one scene had just shot through my head. Lenon come here I've got show you something my whole family was sitting in a room Anastasia's Harp was in the center of the room. Lenon this is going to be our new life source. Is that okay with you.Yeah sure.

No I screamed our life source that's why they had fallen the Harp is our life source. No I kept screaming. I put my arm out but was a second to late. The light had hit the Harp Lylaks had fallen Death had greeted them as he had greeted their loved ones. Lyla and Luscious had both looked at me then both of their heads had fallen.Luscious's head had fallen on the grass. And Lyla's on his chest. Anastasia holding on to Hutch before both of them had fallen. Lylaks and Larkins had fallen. Lyla wasright they would both fall.

I watched my happiness get destroyed. And for some strange reason why didn't I die. The forest had started to disappear. The waterfall had gone try. The Harp smashed in million tiny pieces shattered all over the place. The forest started to disappear trees started to evaporate into the ground. The bodies had disappeared. I was in the middle of road. Clutching to my chest a ray of light.I must of looked like a lunatic. Motorist beeped their horns as they went past.

Get it right, you'll be living lite. Get it wrong pain will live long.Some people are born into pure happiness others such as myself are born into pure darkness.


*(:My Book In The Bag*:)

*(:Check it out*:)


This is the front of my bag. My Book for book in the bag assignment was Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. As you can see or hopefully you can see is that the front cover of my bag is the Dark Mark. And on the side the Blurb with the Hogwarts sign. Plus my five items: A Wand, Stone Of Resurrection, Cloak Of Invisibility, Ravenclaws Diadem, Sword Of Gryffindor.


Ok now this is the back of my bag which is the Hallows symbol. And my five items yet again.


In class we designed Abstract Art using Bomomo. Check ds out it's called Ruined Random Art. By yours truly Aliza

Digital Poetry Books

Here is my digital poetry book. It contains a selection of original poems that I have written in class. I have also included some original artwork to support my poetry. Some of my poems have also been published using an image / text generator. I hope you enjoy reading my awesome poems !!

Blabber Self Assessment

Here is my self assessment on our poetry writing unit.

My Podcast

My first task was to create an avatar (weemee) that had certain characteristics of myself. I then had to record my explanation of how the heart works. I rehearsed my presentation before I recorded it in garageband. I then used imovie to create my podcast that included my avatar and my audio presentation. I also learnt how to embed and resize my podcast onto our wikispace. Check out my awesome podcast ...


*(:W e were given the task of writing a recount based on a personal experience. I chose to write one on by spine chilling most scary (not really) Abseiling. Our writing focus was on using descriptive language. We had to include a range of adjectives, onomatapoeia, similes, metaphor and personification. We were given 4 options on publishing our recounts. Those options were: creating a whiteboard photo, keynote, podcast or publishing straight onto our own wikispace. I chose to do publish my recount on to my Wikispace. Check out my awesome work:) !*

*(:My heart starts pounding rapidly as I reach the top. My stomach churning with excitment and fear. I was finally my turn. The long wait just left my nerves growing taller and taller like the Sky Tower. By the time I got over, my ropes were all attached and I was ready to go. My heart beating like a drummer pounding against a drum and the beat getting faster and faster so fast my mind could not keep up with my heart or the imaginery drum.

*I took my first step and I felt like a baby learning how to walk for the time. I heard Ashley tease something from the top.But I couldn't make out what it was. I guess it was words of encouragment . But my mind was to focused to even want to think about anything else. Somethings I learnt. Is that it's easier to see with your heart then your eyes. Cause you eyes misses what's in front of you. And in my case that means that I didn't see the rocks and I slipped.

*Just one slip made me think 'I'm gonna die!' 'Wait umm never mind' was all that was running through my mind.

*I stood back up acting as if no fear had ever crossed my path. As I started to shuffle my feet my mind was wishing I was back up the top, encouraging people. My heart and mind wanted my legs to move faster instead of just shuffling down. I wanted my mind to be set off in acomplete and uterley different world. Like the sky ad. Everyone has their happy place.

*I finally turned my focus to everything that made me feel serene and peaceful. The view.

*As I started to focus, my mind became more and more oblivious to my surroundings and what I was doing. So I started listening to the sound of the insects below me that were just making noises which went together in complete harmony to create something like music.As if they were just singing to communicate with each other.The wind started to whistle gently through thee trees. Sending a nice breeze my way.The sun seemed to be at it's highest point. The raging , orangey, red ball burning in the middle of the sky. As if one of the elements had sent a fire ball into the ocean and the clouds were just mere fish passing through.

*I was half way down feeling fine and serene then suddenly 'WACK'. 'Ouch!' was all I could say. "Aliza! Are you okay?" screamed Ashley from the top sounding shaken and worried. "Yeah.I'm fine" was all I could retaliate.

*I stood back up. Now completely conscious of where I was. I could now taste the vomit coming back up my throat. But before the vomit exploded out of my throat I was on the ground.

Feeling now all relieved to have my feet on a flat surface. To finally have contact with gravity. My hearts pace finally reached the pace of a normal human being. Well that's an experience that I'll remember. As it was the experience that set my heart on a rocket. A special rocket that was attached to ropes.:)*


*(:Our task was to create a keynote presentation based around a piece of technology (aka the most awesome piece of technology that was created by Alexander Graham Bell the Telephone) that has evolved over time. We had to work with a partner on this task. My partner's name was Megan:). We followed the Action Learning Process in brainstorming our topic, creating 6 key questions and researching our information. We had to rewrite our information into our own words, collect some relevant images and also a video for our presentation.:)*

external image YzQ3NjQ4M2QwZmMyN2Q2MzZjM2Y3Jm9mPTA=.gif

As part of our homework.We had to chose a climate and find five facts about it. And after we had collected our information we used a website called Glogster which allows you to create a poster. So check out my awesome Glog:)