Week 4


Create an imaginative story based around the London Olympic Games. Your story must include a New Zealand athlete, a lost piece of sporting equipment and a gold medal for New Zealand.

The Girls all woke up nice and early. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather for the Football Ferns big game.
Kirsty Yallop, the Midfielder had been given the match ball to look after before the game and was hoping to be given the opportunity to carry it onto the field. Everyone had rushed around in their rooms, double checking all their gear was packed and ready to go before loading onto the team’s bus which drove them to Wembley Stadium.
As the bus pulled up the girls all stood and made their way to the doors, slowly filing out. Kirsty held the ball carefully in her hands as they made their way to their changing room, and was then instructed by their coach Tony Readings to place it in her bag, on a shelf above the changing room benches and get ready.
The girls breathed in the heavy smell of deodorant which was being sprayed around the room, pulled on their uniforms and tied their hair back out of their faces. “Bring it in girls!” Hayley Moorwood shouted across the room.
They had a quick team talk and put undefeatable looking game faces on. The girls were just about to head out the door when…there was a huge Disaster! Kirsty’s game face was gone, she looked very pale and had her mouth wide open. The girls crowded around the door waiting for an explanation. The ball had gone missing.
They searched all over the room. Kirsty explained that she was positive she left the ball securely in her bag on the shelf above the benches. Tony was pacing back and forth rubbing his forehead and mumbling to himself for a few minutes before confirming he was absolutely sure he saw the ball placed securely on the shelf and that he had no clue how it could have possibly gone missing.
They could hear the crowd roaring in the stadium as they searched. Everyone was getting stressed wondering if they could use another ball when it re appeared. Everybody sighed in relief as the ball was brought in by Tony who then explained it had somehow fallen down and took a trip rolling far down the hall.
In the End Kirsty Finally got to carry the ball onto the field. The girls all played a great game and ended up walking away winners taking home a gold medal for New Zealand.

Match ball.jpg

Week 3

(Original Headline)

Badminton players disqualified from Games

Four badminton teams have been kicked out of the women's doubles at the London Games for trying to lose on purpose, conduct that a top IOC executive said strikes at the heart of Olympic competition.

The eight doubles players from China, South Korea and Indonesia were cited by the Badminton World Federation for "conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport."

"We have to be clear, there has been a problem here and we have to take that problem very seriously," BWF secretary general Thomas Lund said. "There are things we can improve on and look at after this competition."


(New Headline)

Badminton Scandal at Olympics

Eight badminton players have been embarrassed at the London Olympics. China, South Korea and Indonesia all had doubles players disqualified from the games for actions that were “abusive or detrimental to the sport”.

The players were caught trying to cheat in the badminton competition by trying to lose on purpose. Their behaviour was terrible and very disappointing for millions of fans around the world.

Olympics officials were very upset and said that their behaviour was unacceptable. “We have to take the problem very seriously” said the secretary of the Badminton World Federation.

The actions of these players will surely go down in Olympics history as a low point for these countries in the 2012 London Games.

Week 2
Task 1:

The Olympic Oath
At the start of each Olympics, every athlete promises to play fairly and obey all of the Olympic rules. One athlete from the host country takes his oath at the opening ceremony on behalf of all athletes.

For all people of the world, I will strive to be the best competitor, to support and uphold the spirit of the Olympics, for fairness, for integrity, for excellence in everything I do to hold true as a role model for future generations of Olympians and those who value the challenge of world competition and togetherness.


Week 1

Task 1:
Select one New Zealand athlete going to the Olympic games and write a short biography about them. You could include personal information or concentrate on their sporting achievements. Include a photo.

Hayley Moorwood FOOTBALL - WOMEN

Full name: Hayley Rose Moorwood
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Born: February 13, 1984 (Age 28) in Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Sport: Football

Hayley became New Zealand’s youngest ever captain when she led her country against Japan as a 21-year old in 2005, and was skipper for New Zealand’s Olympic campaign in Beijing. She holds the record for the most internationals played by a New Zealander (male or female) with over 80 caps to her credit. Hayley’s second Olympic Games will be on familiar turf – she is based in London and plays for Chelsea in the Women’s Super League.

Hayley moorwood.jpg

Task 2: The Olympic Anthem
Write a new Olympic Athem for the 2012 Olympic Games

Courage and Determination is shown in their eyes
The Spirit and hope never dies
The strongest were chosen from all over the world
Every race run, every ball hurled
They perform with Dignity, Pride, Excellence and Strength
They will come together, stand side by side and hold their heads high
205 Nations and hundreds of athletes
From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, they all go for gold.