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It was the 8th of August and the final for the K2 1000m kayaking was taking place. Fans on the side lines were cheering and shouting for all the competitors. Everyone was hyped up and ready for the race to start, jumping up and down and getting excited. The atmosphere was lively and bright and everyone was just waiting for it to start so they could cheer even louder.
New Zealand had a promising team of Steven Ferguson and Darryl Fitzgerald who were in lane one. The brilliant duo had a plan. They would chill for the first 750, then charge with 250 metres left, in hopes that the other teams would be too tired to resist.
Other teams were hopping into their kayaks and New Zealand was too, but then they realized they didn’t have any paddles. The two sets had just disappeared, even thought they were next to the boat on the land only moments ago.
Eventually all other teams were seated in their boats and ready to go, but there was still no sign of the New Zealand paddles. Ferguson and Fitzgerald were getting frustrated, as all other teams were lined up at the start line, but they weren’t. Officials were running around in a panic, desperate to find them.
Time ticked by and they were still nowhere to be seen. The lively atmosphere was turning to agitation as the paddles could not be found.
Suddenly Ferguson gave a shout, and pointed into the water, about 20 metres away. Sure enough, there was one set of paddles, just in view. The officials managed to fish it out, and the second set was found nearby, and they got that set out too.
Finally, the New Zealanders paddled to the start line and were set to go. The agitation wore off, and soon it was bright and lively again.
The race started.
Ferguson and Fitzgerald stuck to their plan. Not wearing themselves out too much in the first 750, but still holding on to the front group. By the time the last 250m came, they still had a bit left in the tank. They began powering through the water at amazing speed. They passed everyone with only a couple of metres to go, and went over the finish line, victorious.
New Zealand fans at home, and at the race cheered and shouted at their winners. Ferguson and Fitzgerald got to stand on the podium while the NZ anthem played and the kayaking finished happily ever after.

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"Hail Mary" Shot not enough for Aussie's

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In the Olympics women basketball, between France and Australia came the most spectacular shot. Australia were losing by 3, 65-62, when Belinda Snell
got in a "Hail Mary" shot. With 3 seconds on the clock to end the game Belinda shot from a couple of meters past the halfway line on the side furthest away from the goal, and got it in.
That shot sent the game into overtime, but unfortunately Aussie couldn't follow it through, losing 74-70.
France's Emilie Gomis was shooting her second free shot and missed. Australia's Abbey Bishop snatched the rebound, then passed it out to Snell who the amazing shot.
Gomis was disappointed with her miss, saying if she had got it in, they would have won (sooner).

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Belinda taking her shot ^

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On behalf of all the competitors, I promise to play cleanly and fairly in these Olympic games, playing and honouring the rules, and demonstrating good sportsmanship.
I shall take part graciously and do my best for my country. I was chosen for my skill and love of my sport, and will determinedly strive towards my goal.

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For those of you who don't know him, he is an athlete in the sport of rowing. He has trained full time since 2001 and can honestly say he loves his job. There are always tough times and things he hates doing, but overall he says it's a pretty awesome existence.

He has been fortunate enough and very proud to have represented New Zealand at seven World Championships and two Olympic Games. He has won five World Championship titles, a World Championship Silver medal and an Olympic Bronze Medal.

His goal this year is to stay at the top of the field in the single sculls and bring home the elusive Olympic Gold from London in August 2012.


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It's kinda cheesy but OK...

These Olympics will be stunning,
Athletes will compete and stop at nothing,
May they try their best and work their hardest,
And may the end result be,
Something they’re proud of
If they’re skilled enough,
On the podium they will stand,
And their country’s anthem will play,
And make them feel so grand
But at the end of the day,
Don’t mind it if you don’t win,
Because you made it this far,
So you can walk out of there with a grin
So in closing I will say,
Good luck to everyone,
Hope you have a great time,
Whether it’s a bike race or a run
I’ll be supporting NZ all the way,
So don’t you kiwi’s be afraid,
Your whole country is proud,
We’ll be waving the flag all day