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Valarie Adams ( Olympic Shot put)
Valarie Adams ( also known as Valarie Vili) was born on the 6th of October 1987.
She is the reigning women's Olympic champion and three-time World champion, two-time Commonwealth and World Indoor champion with
a personal best throw of 21.24 metres in shot put.
Valarie Adams was born in Rotorua, New Zealand, to a Tongan mother (Lilika Ngauamo) and an English father (Sydney Adams). She was married to Bertrand Vili, a discus thrower from New Caledonia, but divorced him early in 2010. Valerie has several brothers over seven feet tall; her youngest brother, Steven, is a basketball player at Notre Dame Prep in Massachusetts, United States.

New Olympic Anthem

The worlds countries selecting their best
in the sports that will see them compete againts the rest

Athletes around the world, lets unite
Competing against each other to win with all our might,

Holding the torch to light the flames
this is the symbol to start the games

Endurance, skill, passion and strengths
These athletes will go to any lengths

To be the champions either first, second or third
And then to have their countries national anthem heard

Bring us together every four years
Lets us compete, blood, sweat and tears

Olympic Oath

I promise on behalf of the world to respect my fellow competitors and officials, we will win as a people through honor and sportsmanship in these games.


A draw or win against Germany and they become the first New Zealand women's team to compete in the semifinals of an Olympic tournament. One small problem: when they met Germany last month, the Europeans put five goals past them and dealt out what New Zealand coach Mark Hager described as a hockey lesson
Win and they go through, draw and they go through, lose and they'd need enormous good fortune.
What they need is better finishing. New Zealand have used their speed to great effect at this tournament, but too often that speed has come with wobbles - usually when it comes to applying the finishing touches in front of goal.

New Zealand beat USA with a late Clarissa Eshuis goal. Photo / Brett Phibbs
New Zealand beat USA with a late Clarissa Eshuis goal. Photo / Brett Phibbs


'cheers, crys,laughter and excitment as people come through into the stadium with their country flag. People running to the rings with the torch.
They count down starts in the crowd
" 3 2 1" They rings are lit and the games have started!
The next morning...........
" It's the olympic games here in london. All the athletes are starting the games off to a great start " Speaks a reporter . Millions of people around the world are glued to their seats watching the games as the cameras zoom around catching every move of every athlete particiating and competing in with games. Sweat dripping off their faces as the go for gold.
Running, jumping, throwing , swimming, biking and all the rest.
Thousands in the stands cheering their country on, waving their big flags over the side of the rails and cameras ready, hoping to get a good close picture of an athlete.
" It's now time for the rowing" says the reporter
" We are going to talk to mahe Drysdale and see how hes doing"
Reporters run over to him asking a few questions. Then hurry to the side of the river where the rowing is going to be taking place in a few minutes.
Mahe goes and gets ready breathing heavily as the nervs build up inside of him. He brings out the oars and the boat. He puts the oars down by his side and get into the boat. As he reachs for his oars, they arent there!
Confused he gets out and says his oars are missing.
" Sir im sorry you have to get back in to boat otherwise you wont be able to compete" Says the instructor
" But i cant race with out them!" Mahe Crys out/
" Sir Get in the boat other wise i will discaullify u "
Mahe goes to his boat with disappointment.
They gun goes off to signal the race has started . Mahe frantically tries paddling with his hands. To his suprise it was actually working !
FASTER and faster going past quite a few rowers .
" In all my days of watching the olympics i have never seen this before, Have you bob?" Asks a reporter
" No, No i havent.Mahe Drysdale appears to be using his arms as oars!" yells bob
Mahe Paddling with all his might crosses the finish line first.
He is so proud to be winning new zealand a gold medal by paddling with his arms.
He stands up on the boat forgetting he was in the water.
The boat wobblings fiersly and ...... Tips over! Making Mahe in the water.
Mahe swims to the side and stands up proudly.
This has just made history folks!
They other rowers come over to congratulate Mahe.
He roudly stood on the podium in 1st with a shining gold medal around his neck. Standing Tall as the national Anthem played. People all around new zealand stand up in their homes and cheer.
Afterwards Mahe went to look for his oars.
Then he stopped in his tracks. He couldnt belive it. The oars had actually been attached to the side of the boat this whole time!