• Work in a small group of either 2 - 4 people.

• Choose your group members based on their multiple intelligence. Example: those who are body smart will form a group together

• Choose a LEADER for your group.

• Browse the ANZAC multiple intelligence activities from the link below.

ANZAC Multiple Intelligences Activities

• Select ONE activity that your group would like to complete. Once you have selected an activity, the LEADER (on behalf of your group) will complete the google form below. Make sure the leader is signed into their google apps account.

ANZAC Day SOLO Taxonomy Task

Click the link below to access our ANZAC work ...


ANZAC Homelearning Task

1. Log into your google apps account
2. Create a new doc, call it "Your name's Anzac Homework"
3. Move the file into your "Homework" folder
4. Ensure you answer the questions under the correct headings, eg; Unistructural etc
5. Include some appropriate images in your final presentation. Acknowledge where you found these images.
6. This task is due MONDAY 30th April.




Gallipoli Part 3

Gallipoli Part 4